Victorian Era
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The industrial towns and cities were made busier as everyone moved in there. It was for this reason that the folk became increasing interested in the country side and Nature and this was greatly interwoven into poems verses and writing of that time. Country sided visits became the thing to do as the towns were so Industrialised. 
Parks were built and open spaces to walk with a sprinkling of Bandstands for entertainment scattering the cities and countryside. Being outdoors of course was beneficial to ones health. 
Gardening then followed on and all different  varieties of plants and flowers became available to pretty up the homes and countryside. Artists of the time painted many of the blooms that adorn our art galleries of today from yester-year.
Walking became a pastime for the people of the towns.  Sundays you would find the young, old  single and married folks walking riding their bicycles along the country lanes just enjoying the peaceful surroundings. The Penny Farthing bicycle was invented during this time. But alas this was not for the faint hearted. In 1880 chain driven and air filled tyres were introduced an more comfort and safety was established.



Boating started on Henley-on- Thames in 1839 in response to growing inter5sts of races between Oxford and Cambridge. This gave the social minded folk something to get all dress up for in their special boating clothes for a real fun day. Some things just never change.
Bloomers were designed around this time to allow the girls to ride with some respectability, by Amelia Bloomer.


This was about the time that many of my ancestors came to Australia. Some went to Canada and New Zealand looking for some clean air and a beautiful new country. Thus the British Empire soon grew.

The English took over the Administration of India in 1857.  This was not well received in many quarters. Many of the customs from that time were taken to India. This was the time when Queen Victoria was proclaimed 'Empress of India' and it was to become he most precious jewel in her crown. It was almost right to accept the rule to govern India and make them understand it was going to be profitable to them.








Sports such as Croquet that came from Ireland in 1850 began and tennis on the lawn tennis quickly followed in 1874. For some unknown reason these were mainly taken up by the middle class citizens of the day. Lawn Tennis was started in 1874 and Wimbledon was first played in 1877. Archery  began in 1864 gave the skilled people something to focus their skills upon. Picnics and eating outdoors became quite fashionable to do and looked as a  fun too.







Missionaries travelled to Africa and India as explorers were restless for new places to conquer, to open them up for trading and influence them in Christianity. Of course David Livingstone I presume ... was the most famous.





The people were hungry for reading material and the humble beginnings of the Newspaper gave all some further education on what was happening in the world surrounding them.








Families of this era enjoyed  at the end of the day entertaining  themselves  playing board games and playing cards, or singing around the piano. 



The theatre life filled in for an escape to another world. Plays were very popular for the cultured to watch. Gilbert & Sullivan were the favourites of the day in 1881 and it was here where the firsts building became wholly lit by electric lights. Acting become a way of respect and professionalism . Lovely new theatres sprung up with lush decor, plush red seats with soft light from gaslights. The tended to enjoy dram and melodramatic with great sentimentality, many costing  enormous amounts of money with them sometime losing a great deal as they went overboard.