Victorian Era Page 3

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The children learnt verses with very strong moral overtones off by heart.











Girls would adorn their best frocks, but no sewing or embroidery was allowed to be done. There they would sit in their stiff starch outfits with masses of ribbons and bows frills lace just counting the hours till Sunday was over. 


The Industrial Revolution brought the railways into the fore front and within the next decade railways would crisscross the country. The railways were a product of the Victorian Industrial Revolution.  The line between Darlington and Stockton was built in 1825. Over the next then years a vast network would crisscross the country. Allowing people to go long distances for their holidays.  Travel became extremely  fashionable. Thomas Cook Travel Agency flourished in the 1850s and this opened the door for the world to come to London and the English to travel to America.





Ice Skating was a boom in late Victorian times and  was a sport  could do in the winter. It also was a way for couple to be close to each other whilst skating, away from watchful chaperones





Summer was the time for frolicking in the sea, at Brighton, Blackpool,   Margate and  Scarborough. All was to be proper though. No mingling with the men let alone swim together. Bathing costumes were designed to cover up completely leaving nothing showing. They were made out of totally unsuitable fabrics and were heavy to swim in just totally impracticable. With today's strong sun we are now heading back in that direction.

You would see folk wandering along collecting  shells from the shore and they adorn their photograph frames and  jewellery cases. The keepsakes were high on ones agenda.

Tourist could collect plates, animals from their favourite places could sit on their mantle shelves with lots of love and memories of the their leisurely times spent at happy places.






Boarding houses sprang up for the tourist to stay at whilst on their holidays. It was the brunt of comments to live in overpriced, overcrowded, uncomfortable accommodation run by tight penny pinching owners, just so they could stay by the seaside, met up with strangers, play cards and exchange gossip




Mountain climbing became increasing popular during this time. The high   mountains beckoned men to be adventurous in the 19th Century was fast becoming a major attraction and the in thing to do. Climbing the Swiss Alps and some the highest mountains in Europe would be first on their list.











Nothing was as much fun as the Fair. The highlight of the farmers of the rural areas. Just about every village held one showing off their produce and home made goodies. The importance of the fairs as they were trading events seeling cloths, livestock and corn It would attract all fun things like jugglers,  Punch and Judy, Gypsies,  performing monkeys, dancing bears. On many occasions they would last for weeks. They would be great attractions at the seaside resorts. this famous pair along with Toby the dog were introduce from the continent to England. the preformed on miniature stage covered with striped canvas. Punch had a hooked nose and hunchback and was always on the stage. He spent the entire time fighting with his wife, baby priest, doctor policeman and the hangman. He proceeded to whack all with the stick and remained the hero till the end.