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P01.  P02.

Wearing Apricot/Orange

 Wearing Beige/Brown 


Wearing Blue

P01.   P02.


Wearing Blue Evening

P01.  P02.  P03.

Wearing Black

Wearing Black Evening 

P01.  P02.


In Black & White Photos

P01.   P02.



Wearing Casual

P01.  P02.



With Prince Charles

in Colour

P01.  P02.  P03.

With Prince Charles

 in Black & White

Wearing Checks & Tartans

With Her Children

in Colour

P01.  P02.  P03.  P04.

With Her Children in

Black & White


Wearing Florals

Wearing Gray

Wearing Green

Wearing Green Evening


Wearing Hats in Colour

P01.  P02.  P03.  P04. 

P05.  P06. &

The Vatican



Wearing Hats in

Black & White


Her Gowns, Shoes,
Materials &

Her Head Only

Wearing Muslim/Indian Attire

Wearing Lilac/ Purple


With Nelson Mandela &

Mother Theresa


Magazine & Book Covers

P01.   P02.

Wearing Maroon/Burgundy

Wearing Pink

Wearing Pink Evening

Wearing Red


Wearing Red Evening


Her Red Cross Work

Wearing Sporty Attire

Wearing Spots

Wearing Stripes

Wearing Her Sunnies

P01.  P02.



Wearing Tiaras in Colour

P01.  P02.


Wearing Tiaras in Black & White

The Wedding in Colour

The Wedding in Black & White

Wearing White/Cream


Wearing White &

Cream Evening

P01.  P02.

Wearing Yellow

My Trip to Althorp 2005

Lady Diana Spencer
in Colour

F01.  F02.

Lady Diana Spencer in
Black & White