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Yanka Kupala




 I have decided to put this page up again to display some of my thoughts of what is happening around the world. This is our world, Sydney Australia. The above picture was taken by my husband with Panorama feature on his digital camera. We live around 20 minutes from the above picnic spot in at Audley in the Royal National Park. The wattle in the background grows everywhere in the park. This is part of one of the photos that were taken on the day we visited there.

September 9th 2004  the Australian embassy was the place where a suicide bomber exploded a powerful car bomb, killing 11 and wounding 160. The whole front gate was destroyed and huge crater was gouged into the road outside the gated. Shatter proof glass had been place there recently and security had been upgraded and this may be the one thing that saved more deaths from occurring.

 Once again the terrorists struck. Our embassy staff were shaken and miraculously not were hurt. The locals including police and embassy staff and people going to embassy office re immigration matters. The blast was heard 15km away. Many close building lost their window and glass. This was the second time Australians were being targeted. My Bali memorial pages here. 3 more Australians die in Bali Bomb blast on 2nd October 2005. Once again Australia is mourning the loss of lives from bombs in Indonesia.

We are so far removed from the troubles of the world above us. As we are one of the few countries that are below the Equator, that all the places above us know so little about us and I feel the net has brought to letting other know where and what  we are.  We go and fight in all World Wars that have been declared and many that aren't. We are so proud of the boys and men and yes our women, who have left our shores to help fight another countries battles. I do hope we have learnt a lot and give them them the respect they deserve when they return. Seems some of their worst battles, were with the bureaucracy on their return. We have gone to help France, Belgium, Great Britain, Dardanelles  in the First World War, and those countries again in the Second World War again, Middle East, the United States, New Guinea, Borneo, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Sudan, Boer War, China's rebellion Malaya, East Timor. We truly take 'care of our mates'.

The weather disasters that are mainly in the Northern Hemisphere get a great deal of coverage in our media but so little of ours even gets a mention.

In Newcastle in 1989 on December 28 we had our first earthquake. This claimed 23 lives and injured 160 people and run up a damage bill of four billion dollars. The rest of the quakes are felt in areas where there is no one living (or very few) and no buildings are situated and the readings on the Richter scale are quite small. We do get tremors but damage is so very small.

We have severe (several seasons) long, droughts, flooding, hail storms, tropical cyclones, bush fires, with small loss of lives. Our people are very generous when there is a disaster to put lots of their hard earned money to help such organizations Red Cross, Salvation Army to give those in need some financial help. Fodder is driven to areas for the sheep and cattle in times of droughts by volunteers.

When Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin on Christmas Eve 1974 the whole country swung into action to assist them. Today Darwin is on the world map for another reason. It is the busy town where our troops are embarking from to go to aid East Timor. 

Darwin was the scene of some of the most vicious damage done to us ever in Theatre of War during 1942-43.  On February 19th 1942, 243 Japanese aircraft dropped 683 bombs on Darwin. 200 tonnes of depth charges exploded in the ship Neptuna, destroying the wharf/pier. A total of 45 ships were sunk. 23 Aircraft and many buildings were totally destroyed. The city was bombed 64 times between February 1942 and November 1943. Around 900 people were killed, but Army Intelligence say it was more like 1100. 350 were wounded and two ships set on fire. Six ships sunk and seven more damaged; three Catalina aircraft destroyed and two US vessels destroyed. Post and Telegraph offices destroyed, Police Station, Barracks, Cable Office, and Government offices destroyed and hospital damaged. RAAF hospital, recreation hall, equipment store, many houses and living quarters destroyed. Darwin received 683 bombs that were dropped  by the Japanese.  Pearl Harbour's  payload was only 271 but their death toll was much higher. This was the greatest battle fought on Australian soil.

On the morning that Darwin was bombed a message was sent warning that the Japanese were 20 minutes away but was not received because the men were at Smoko.!! 

We tend to think of Australia as the 'lucky country' and for the most, I suppose we are. We have had a few mass shootings, drug problems, car hijacking, racial conflict. Thank goodness!! Our country has always been quick to respond to conflicts and it has seldom asked for help.

Our first troops have served in East Timor and began what might be at least years on the ground where they will be part of the United Nations Peace Force. They led the  ground forces to build the infra structure again from scratch, giving the people water, food, shelter, and protection from the militia forces. Disarming weapons to give the citizens freedom to walk again in peace as an independent nation. Unfortunately we could only muster up 2000 troops out of 23,000 to send at present that is of grave concern to us. Successive governments have let our numbers in all our forces, depleted, to almost nothing, I do hope the rest of the world is watching and will be willing to come good in OUR TIME OF NEED. 

I will step down off my soap-box now and send this page up on the Net. I welcome any feed back on what I have written.