NOEL WIDERBERG  One of the original Delltones

Born 1938 died, 7th July 1962.

Thursday, May 28, 2020 11:07:25 AM

My teenage years I can remember vividly watching Bandstand, Six o’clock Rock and I just love the Delltones, probably back in 1958 when I was 12, four young Lifesavers from Bronte Surf Club, Noel Widerberg, Brian Perkins, Warren Lucas and Ian 'Peewee' Wilson, in their college jumpers and fresh, clean, cool cut enthusiastic singers grace our then black & white TV screens.

In 1958 there was virtually no local music industry and radio stations played overseas artists.

they then went on to sing at the stadium, yes what a fire hazard that was.

They became part of pour early rock days, playing and singing in wonderful simple harmonies.

Their doo woop sounds became so familiar with them. 

It was JOK that was responsible to bring them to us, They backed the Everly Bros, Fabian, Conway Twitty, Jimmy Rodgers, Crash Cradock.

They threw in the jobs and decided to have fun whilst it lasted. They had many hits on our charts back then and they were only just 18 years old.

However  a great sad event changed things for the group when Noel Widerberg was tragically killed in his V-dub in Brighton, Sydney in 1962. The song Get A  Little Dirt on your Hands was their last record hit with Noel.

But it wasn't destined to be quite that momentary. Signed to Lee Gordon's record company they were regularly on the charts into 1961 when the Coronet snapped them up briefly, storming into the top five with You're The Limit. Back on Leedon in 1962 they released a slickly produced country-pop hit, Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands, which was to be the last recording made by lead vocalist Noel Widerberg before his tragic death in a car accident.

Like so many other popular acts of the 50s and early 60s, the Delltones found themselves swept aside by a tidal wave from Britain. "The Beatles changed our whole career, mid-stream, when they came along" Peewee admits.

I live in the same house as I did in 60-70's and across the road live Sandra who was a fair bit older than I was and she was the President of their fan club and as I lived so close I was always their had meeting she had and parties and met them all and I was really shocked when Noel died. I recall his funeral being at Randwick. I am sure he was married then.