This is how I want to remember Michael.

Michael Jackson




29th August, 1958 – 25th June, 2009


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Michael & Princess Diana both now gone from our lives

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My words on 'The King 0f Pop'

I recall watching 'Thriller' with my older children 1982 and thinking wow he can dance like no other. He seemed a gentle person who was born into a family of wonderful entertainers. Some how he lost his childhood at such an early age and never seemed to enjoy that part of of growing up and for the rest of his life struggled to gain some of that back.

Photos and music did not really grab me of late, I must admit I was a fan of the original Michael, his moves and talent were so unique. I still have visions of my own son doing the moonwalk when he was quite young in the late 80's, he was quite good at it.

His later life his face changed and he lost the features and colour he was born with and the old Michael was gone.

Michael had gained a lot of unfavourable press in his later years, his children, family life, etc. I was not there so I do not want to comment on a man who at this point has not been laid to rest. I don't want to remark on anything negative, he has children who loved and adored their dad. Seeing Paris talking at his memorial made my heart just cry out for their loss.

I was taught if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. I have listened and read our own media in Australia and read some of the press and I just feel so sad for his children to have to endue this extra pain when they are still over come with immense grief.

For Michael he now has the eternal peace he craved in his life and his children will be trying to cope for along while without their dad.

The name of these pages and music used here was made some time ago for others that dies TOO SOON, long before Michael died being 'Gone too Soon' strangely enough is now being used for his own page. 'Gone Too Soon' He certainly has gone too soon!