All these pictures on this page are thumbnails so click on them to get the enlarged pictures, and were taken on 29th June 2003 Kingsgrove RSL. Gayll's from 1-8. My photographs from 9-onwards


Thanks for all those who turned up. Don't forget next year same time last Sunday in June, same place. For our *60 years old*, in 2006 we hope to be at Coffs Harbour for weekend. Best time around October, warmer and so much more pleasant, don't you think? So start saving for the the big our *60 years* young. Lyndy Jackson nee Lennon came from NZ, Dawn Williams nee Wilson from Bateman's Bay, Judith Oliver from Brisbane, Neil and Vivienne from Central Coast and the rest from Sydney. Such a great representation from those who lived so far away.*
Dawn & Frank Williams
nee Wilson
2. Graeme Smith, Neil,
 Carol Said nee Carol Clarke,
Vivienne Sheeky  nee Murray &
Judith Oliver, nee Fricker
3. Maggie Smith nee Rowan
4. Group chatting
5. David Murray, Peter Ryan, Neil Patulny on left. Judith Oliver nee Fricker
Chris & Rose Beattie, Carol C ,
Dawn &  Frank Williams  on right
6. Lyndy Jackson nee Lennon, Vivienne Sheeky, nee Murray
7. David Murray, Peter Ryan, Chris Beattie
8. Frank & Dawn Williams, Judith Oliver nee Fricker, Rose Beattie (Chris's Beattie's wife),
Vivienne Sheeky nee Murray, Carol Said, nee Clarke
9. Left Graeme Smith, Gayll Sommers, nee Worboys & Michael Brown
10.Michael B, Lyndy Jackson, Maggie Margaret Smith nee Rowan
11. Neil Patulny, Graeme Smith,
Gayll Sommers, nee Worboys
12. F rank & Dawn Williams, nee Wilson
13. Frank & Dawn Williams,
Rose & Chris Beattie
14. Peter Ryan
15. Vivienne Sheeky, nee Murray,
David Murray & Peter Ryan
 16. Gayll Sommers, nee Worboys Judith Oliver, nee Fricker , Lyndy Jackson, nee Lennon
17. Dawn Wilson, Carol Clarke, Rose, Viv, Judith
18. Michael, and Graham
19. David M, Neil Judith
20. Neil, Michael, Gayll, Chris B .
 Peter R David M
Frank, Dawn, Lyndy
Peter R
Blank Blank Blank Blank