Carol, welcomes you to my reunion photographs page 1952-1958 at McCallums Hill Primary School Lakemba , taken 16th June 2002. Please bookmark now and come back again. Have a good day and 'Keep Smiling'.
McCallums Hill School Reunion 2002

Saturday, 30 May, 2020 11:53:08 AM

These are my photographs from our Reunion 2002 & a couple that Peter Clough sent me of 1958.


This tartan that I have used for these pages is the MacCallum tartan & that is why I have chosen these colours.
  All these pictures on this page are thumbnails so click on them to get the enlarged pictures, noting that they will take a while to download as most are digital pictures.
Photograph N0 17 & A BIG THANKS to my wonderful husband David, who took many of these digital photographs.


Back row L-R Neil Patulny, Chris Beattie, Peter Clough, Colin Hogg, David Murray, (Viv's brother),  Alan Stone (Lola's brother) Stuart Durie, Alec Reid.


Front row L-R Valerie Wilson, Carol Clarke, Larraine Newton, Gayll Worboys, Christine Ryan, Vivienne Murray, Maureen Williams, Joyce Reid.


We meet at 12 noon & took some photographs then went for lunch at Kingsgrove RSL. I hope you all enjoyed the day.


Thanks so much to Joyce Reid for your wealth of information and contacts which led this reunion to be a great success.


I rang & spoke to Miss Rogers, our teacher from 1954 Year 2, after the reunion and told her I would send her the photographs. She was so thrilled to hear all the news. She told me she was 19 when she started teaching at this school. So young & so pretty and my favourite teacher. Imagine a 19 year old doing that today???
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