Thumbnail photographs below taken on 16th June 2002 from outside school gate. Click onto to enlarge.

Held in years 2002 & 2003, 2004, 2005

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In 1999 I attended the Reunion of KNHS and met up with some school friends and with that Network we are having small gathering of past Students from our years 1952-1958 on 16th June 2002 from McCallums Hill. If you come across this page please email me Carol, for details? Now come on, we started school, well most of us in 1952 so that is 50 years on.
McCallum's Hill opened as an infants school only in 1928 then the primary department was added in 1952. So we were getting the brand new school uniforms that my Mum spoke of recently when we started as we were the first to start and finish in the new Primary
Some of the teachers I remember are Mr Mc Donald our Headmaster and Mr Dillon the Deputy. Miss Proud, Mrs Hall, *Miss Rogers (found her), Miss Stevens, Miss Miller, Mr. Jones, Mr. West &, Miss McGlachlan, Miss Tresise, Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Marchment & more names might come back to me later. We had sport carnivals at the nearby Oval in Moorefield's Road. My interests were Softball, Vigaro, Basketball and I played in the school representative  teams.


Don't recall getting into trouble really expect for whistling in class and Mr Jones making me eat bird seed. Hmmm .. I know we did plays and singing and did all of these with great pride.


Students names that come to mind after looking at photos..


John Afford, Pamela Andrews, Eileen Banfield, Chris Beattie, Gay Begg, *Michael Brown, Pam Brooks, Keith Carlton, *Carol Clarke,*Peter Clough, Alan Corben, Annette Cox, Carol Cox, Brian Cotter, Brian Currie, *George Dingeldai, Pamela Dixon, *Stuart Durie, John Cotter, Jeanne Cox, David Hurst, Lynette Fish, Judith Fricker *Alan Garbutt, Barry Garratt, David Gillespie, *Noelene Grinham, Reginald Green, Margaret Greenhalgh, Evaline Heasley, Jennifer Higgins, *Colin Hogg, Brian Hough, Laurel Howard, Dale Kelly, Lynette Lennon, Sandra Levitt, Stewart Lindsay, Donald McCallum, Kerry McInnes, Ralda Maiden, John Mannix, Lyn Marshall, Julie Moffat, *Vivienne Murray, * Lorraine Newton, Graham Noble, *Neil Patulny, Dianne Payne, June Porter, Max Quarmby, *Alec Reid, *Joyce Reid, Donald Rose, Lynette Rixon, *Margaret Rowan, *Christine Ryan, Shirley Skelton, *Grahame Smith, Robert Squires, Ian Stevens, *Alan Stone, Lola Stone, Alex Sutherland, Kay Tovey, Keith Vinnecombe, Robert Watson, Jill Watts, *Maureen Williams, Dawn Wilson, *Valerie Wilson, Garry Williams, Alan Wood.
* Indicates I hold details, but I will only pass out details if they wish contact.
 Photos from Alan Stone, Carol Clarke, Julie Moffat, & John Kelly & Ralda Maiden* THANKS
   The photos below have been donated to me to post.
Cricket Team
Soccer Team
6th Class
Picnic Warragamba Dam
Neil Patulny & Peter Clough
1958 Basket Ball Team A
1958 Basket Ball Team B
1958 Softball Team Lakemba Home Then (my home) Lakemba Home Now, now it has gone. 2020
Reunion Photographs of 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006