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 Saturday July 30, 2016 05:14:29 PM

I am not stating Mark had this, but an available site to assist anyone suffering from another Mental Illness.

Mark was born in Perth Western Australian on 9th August 1976  and died on 27th August 2008. He checked in the Swissotel in CBD after completing some filming of 'All Saints' and appears to have leapt to his death from 23rd floor 90 minutes later and landed on an awning and was found there by hotel staff at 2pm. He was to have been suffering depressing for some months, however he broke up with his long time girlfriend 3 weeks ago. On many occasions production had be set aside to work around his illness. The cast recall his scenes this week that mistakes he had made, whilst he he must have been just struggling to just exist.

His roles appear below:

All Saints (2004-2008) - Dan Goldman
The Secret Life of Us (2005) - Marcus Nelson
Loot (2004) - McLachlan
Blurred (2002) - Calvin the Holden
BoyChangi (2001) - John 'Curley' Foster
The Farm (2001) - Johnno McCormick
Better Than Sex (2000) -
Guy A Warlords Battlecry (2000) (voice in videogame)
Water Rats (2000) - Luke Harris
Marriage Acts (2000) - Dan Hawkins 

What we would give to have that smile once more!

Mark  was a student at Aquinas College from 1986 until 1993 and moved to Sydney in 1997.
He graduated from NIDA in 1999 and spoke to graduating students there each year sharing some of his experiences of the industry. Mark was also a theatre performer, and worked with the Bell Shakespeare Company.

I watched this show since the beginning and was especially interested as it filmed at Concord hospital where I had worked as a ward secretary. As and ex nurse I was so touched by his brilliant roll of the nurse 'Dan Goldman', he seemed so natural in the roll. I was so excited and watch last Tuesday night's show when he  was married, not knowing that he would never grace the screen again in any roll ever again. He will never know how they won the rating for the episode, we loved it Mark. I cried when my husband showed me the article on the net when it was first announced.
Mental illness can be so well hidden. Death is so final and we will never know what brought him to that point, but Mark we know you will not be tormented now as you Rest In Peace.

Having lost a son  myself (from SIDS)  I can relate to the pain and grief his parents are feeling now, my prayers go to them to what they are facing now.

* Support is available for anyone who may be distressed by calling SANE Helpline 1800 18 7263; Lifeline 131 114; Salvo Crisis Line - 9331 2000; beyondblue 1300 22 46 36.*

One person dies every 5 hours as of September 2008 from suicide.

See John Howard (actor) give his dedication to Mark with some footage of him. I have to admit I cried bitterly listening this on Tuesday night and today again when I found  on the net. His funeral was held on 4th September 2008 in Perth.