Margaret's Poem

from 1999 Reunion

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To all the kids of '59
You share the long gone thoughts of mine
We have a heap of memories
And I put on paper some of these.

Remember the smell of new concrete?
That smell to me holds thought so deep
No railings on the stairs and paths 
Those memories now bring such laughs! 

Do you remember Mr. Johnston our Head?
We listened so carefully to all that he said
To us he was ""god or "king"
He seemed to know just everything

We wore uniforms of maroon or blue
Those striped school ties and berets too
Mrs. Phillips- (I assume long gone)
If we didn't wear them, she would go on and on.
Mr Saxby was my favourite one he taught me Geography: 
I remember some
Mr Roach was a great one too
He made everyone feel special - me and you.
I recall Mr Robinson used the cane
I cringed for the boys as they came back lame!
I do not think we learnt much math
We were petrified of him - and his wrath.
We all remember our Captain -Ron
He was the centre of our bond.
He was so very important to us
He was so humble, never made a fuss.
I went to the Reunion last Friday night
And that Hall such a wonderful sight 
Many familiar faces; a long last friend
I do hope we can all get together again.

There was Peter and Leslie, Campbell & all
And each one became a great pal
There was Judy, Marlene, Lyn and Sue
(It mattered not if we wore maroon or blue)

We kissed and hugged and talked on and on.
It was amazing that the 40 year had gone
And we were back there and wanting to be
Part of the '59 family.

During the evening I went for stroll
saw the old quadrangle where we answered the roll
I walked up the hallway and up the old stirs
Peeped in a classroom - saw the old table and chairs.
The memories came flooding back - so real 
How good all these memories made me feel
No longer a "mother", "worker" or "wife"
I needed to visit my previous life.
To judge how far I had changed from that girl
I did some reflecting; it did me well!

How hard to believe that time can pass
But really we still feel part of our Class;
Many of us have similar lives
Even had a couple of husbands and wives!

Although we are greying and wrinkling a bit
It made no difference _ we all just fit
Into that era so special for all
We felt just like kids in that old school hall.
Oh! 59-ers I still need you still
You are so special; none other will
Fill our hearts as does us all
Lets get together in 2004!!!


Composed by Margaret Norris Class SD
 after having such a great evening with us all.
Congratulations Sandra. A big thank you for being the instigator of one fabulous night.