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Marc Hunter was born in Taumaranui New Zealand on 7th September 1953. In the 50's he joined Todd his older brother doing family performances in public. With Marc on drums and Todd whilst his mum played piano and his dad on sax. It was Todd who began the band Dragon with Marc joining them in 1973.
Marc was sacked in 1979 from the band on his own admission because of his excessive drug taking and large consumption of alcohol. He was unpredictable and never ever boring. however with is well know Heroin abuse his moods wings made his a person to steer clear of. The substance abuse made him quite aggressive.

He travelled to London and Morocco to dry out.

In 1979 the group disbanded as without Marc it just was not working.

Marc stayed as the front man for Dragon until he was officially sacked from the group in March 1979.

On Marc's return he was working the the Romantics and scored a recording deal with CBS as solo artist. Despite his demons he was always popular with friends willing to help with their own expertise. Tood frequently helped Marc produce his recordings, however they always were are loggerheads, but brotherly love always there. They did gigs together as the Headhunters in 1980.

Marc gained deal from Polydor's Mercury label. Todd and Marc wrote and produced a far more polished effort as Marc was taking things more seriously now.

After along lapse Todd and Marc reformed Dragon again in August 1982 in a far more business like manner which led them to success the second time around. they had grown and learnt from the past.

Marc married Wendy Heather a fashion designer and had two children Jackson and Isabella and spent precious time in the 80's with his new family. He had also a son Titus from a previous relationship.

Sadly Marc was diagnosed with throat cancer in November 1997. In February 1998 a benefit concert was held with all the great names of the Australian music industry rallied to help the cause. Sydney held another on Friday 27 March 1998. His cancer treatment was not very successful, even trying a cancer cure in South Korea, just to give it his best shot to survive. He passed way in hospital in Berry NSW ironically on my daughter Jacqualine's birthday on 17th July 1998.

Paul Hewson and Graeme Nesbitt both died from heroin overdoses so Dragon was well and truly cursed by drugs in managerial and band positions.

My memories go back to the early 80's and hearing them play in a park in Sydney opposite old Grace Bros in Broadway with my oldest daughter on my shoulder bopping along to their music and dancing to April Sun at Concord RSL dances. I just loved their music an was saddened to see his light go out on the Australian music industry.