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Laurel Lea, born Lorraine Chapman (Lianos) was a name she maybe used as it was her step-dad's name and she was born on October 3rd 1942 in Armidale NSW( Thanks Luke for info). She appeared many times on Bandstand & I believe Six O'Clock Rock. I just had to include Laurel here, because I know she died young and I have such fond memories of her beautiful face and her bright chirpy voice. In 1974 she appeared with JOK called  The Good Old Days of Rock'n'Roll". I would be happy to include any more information or pictures of her if you wish to send it to me.

Laurel was a regular Australia TV singer on shows such as Brian Henderson's "Bandstand" and Johnny O'Keefe's "Six O'clock Rock" in the late 50s/early 60s, mostly singing cover versions of US hits. In the case of "Bermuda," she was covering the Linda Scott version of the song, and most likely "lip-synced" her TV show appearance to an acetate recording made earlier.

She married fellow "Bandstand" singer Kevin Todd, and had a son Mark who it seems did not have much to do with his mum when his parents broke up till later in his life.

Laurel's parents owned a travelling rock 'n' roll tent show. In the 60s, she travelled with them around Australia doing rock shows in local halls, and in the mid-70s, she joined back up with Johnny O'Keefe and a few others from the earlier rock years, appearing in clubs together in the "Good Old Days of Rock 'n' Roll" show.

Laurel Lea made several records, but had no chart success. She also had a band in the 80s called "Chockarock," which toured the circuit and played old time rock and roll.

Laurel Lea died on January 31 sadly two weeks before her son's wedding , 1992 of Leukaemia. There is a photo of Laurel there and many other Australian artist from the bandstand days.

Searching for information on her I found her singing on many of
YouTube clips.

Australian Bandstand Video can be bought here.