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After commencing these pages, I have noticed how many people keep saying I wish I could find somebody they went to school with. So I have decided to start on this pages people's names & who they are looking for, from 1959-1963. If you have stumbled across this page & you are looking for a long lost school friend & you wish to submit their names & yours & your contact information, I will forward them on, if I get any replies . Maybe a 'Special Teacher' might be someone you wish you could find.  I will only be able to do this when time permits & only for students who attended this school between 1959-1963. I will only put up here who is being sought, not by whom. Just send me your request with your contact details & I will forward them on you if I get any replies.

Neroli Brown Ian Carpenter Reg Green Michael Newman Janice King Dale Kelly
Kevin Smith Denise Jolly Christine Jessop Wendy Townsend Wendy Morris Gary Bush
Kay Smythe Jimmy (James) Martin Yvonne Taylor Christine Murphy Carol Fowler Cheryl Friend
Robert Rostron We know Graham Langley and
Diane Fibbins have sadly died.
Margaret Foote Chris Millwright Gary Pearce