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I have scanned this complete book and made 3 Zips

making it easier to download pages 1-10 6911kb, 11-20 7626kb, 21-31 8147kb.


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50th Anniversary photos are private. I need to do this for privacy reasons. If you wish to see them you must email me with both of the answers from list below.
1. Who was our school captain?
2. Who was our head PE teacher?
Then I will give you the url.

Now & Then
School History
Margaret Norris's
Poem from 1999
Margaret's Ode to the 59's
Copy of
 of Reunion of  1999
Kingsgrove High School Turns 50
Year 11's
Words 1999
KNHS School
Home Today
Classmates 1959-1963
Julie Pollock 1
Julie Pollock 2
Sports Emblem 1959 N E Class
  • 1959 N F Class
  • 1959 S B Class
    1959 S C Class 1959 S D Class
     1959 S E Class

    1960 2 E Class

    1960 2 J Class
    1960 2 K Class 1960 2 L Class 1960 2 S Class 1961 3 E Class 1961 3 J Class
    1961 3 K Class 1961 3 L Class 1962 4 E Class  1963 5 B Class 1964 1 A Class
    Mr Johnson & Mr Hunter Mr Johnston Mr Hunter Jean Fenton, Helen Randall,
    Christine Allman, ?
    and John Afford in the background.
    Mr Saxby 
    Lucky Starr Visits School Lesley Earle
    August 1960
    High Jumping
    House Parade Campbell Oval August 1960 Skipping Race
    Campbell Oval August 1960
    Boys at Belmore Oval Zone 20 August 1960
    May 1959
    Construction of School No 1
    No 2 Construction
     No 3 Construction
    August 1960
    Buses Line up For Carnival
    August 1960 Marching Girls and Drum Band
    August 1960
    Sports house Line Up
    Assembly Folk Dancing 1961 November Assembly Hall Construction Old Photo 1 view old Kingsgrove
    Old Photo 2 view old Kingsgrove Helen  Mangan, Helen Hutton, Helen Farquhar, Carol Sheridan, Julie Pollock, not sure.
    Helen Mangan
    Yvonne Taylor, Les Mosley, Helen Farquhar, Helen Hutton & Julie Pollock.
    More photos here
    Meryl Frendin 1961 1961 Prefects McCallums Hill School Clempton Park 4 A  1956