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Favourite movie 'Sound of Music'

Born Julia Elizabeth Wells on October 1st, 1935, in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, eighteen miles south of London.
Her father Ted Wells was a woodwork teacher and her mother Barbara Morris Wells gave piano lessons and was a part-time pianist for a dance school ran by her sister, Joan Morris. When Julie was two she appeared in the dance schools pageant as a fairy.
In 1939 Barbara Wells took a job as a pianist for a variety show. Also on the bill was a tenor named Ted Andrews. After a short while they became a double act. With the advent of World War II, Ted and Barbara Wells grew apart and were divorced. Barbara married Ted Andrews.
Julie's step father began to give her singing lessons in an attempt to get to know her better. To everyone's surprise Julie had a fully developed larynx, perfect pitch and a large four octave vocal range. Julie soon became part of Ted and Barbara's act. It was at this time that Julie changed her last name to Andrews simplifying the billing of their act.
At the age of eight Julie was eight when began singing lessens with Madame Lillian Stiles-Allen.. The two became close friends. It was thanks to Lillian’s training that Julie ended up with perfect diction.
Julie made her radio debut in 1946 singing a duet with Ted Andrews on a BBC variety show called "Monday at Eight".
On December 5th 1946, Julie performed alone for the first time at London's Stage Door Canteen. The Queen (later the Queen Mother) and the late Princess Margaret were in attendance.
In December 1947, Julie was given a screen test by the British division of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer however they thought her unfilmable.
Around this time Julie toured the length and breadth of Great Britain making Music Hall appearances, and at Christmas doing pantomimes such as Red Riding Hood, in which she played the title role. At the age of thirteen Julie was cast as Humpty Dumpty in Emile Little's pantomime of the same name. It was at this time that Julie met Tony Walton, who she would later marry.
Julie auditioned for Lerner and Loewe for the role of Eliza Doolittle in the musical version of George Bernard Shaw's play Pygmalion, which was renamed my Fair Lady. The show premiered in 1956 and was a critical success, it ran for two years in New York and for eighteen months in London's West End.
On May 10th 1959 Julie and Tony Walton were married at St. Mary's Church, Oatlands, Weybridge. Tony designed Julie's wedding dress. Julie's daughter Emma Kate Walton was born on November 27th 1962 in London.
On February 8th, 1965 Julie received her first Golden Globe Award as Best Motion Picture Actress in a musical comedy for Mary Poppins. On April 5th this year Julie won an Academy Award for best actress in the role as Mary Poppins.
Julie filmed The Americanisation of Emily straight after Mary Poppins; this was Julie's first straight dramatic role. Then came one of Julie's most important roles, Maria in The Sound of Music. This would end up being one of the most loved movies of all time. The film was a box office smash winning five Oscars. On January 31st, 1966, Julie received a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in The Sound of Music.
During this time Julie and Tony grew further and further apart ending in divorce, although the two are still good friends.
On February 15th, 1967, Julie was voted World Film Favourite Actress at the Golden Globe Awards. Julie received the honour again the following year.
November 13th 1969 Julie married director-producer-writer Blake Edwards at a private ceremony in the garden of their Coldwater Canyon home. During this period she starred in earned her Victor/Victoria for which Julie won her 4th golden Globe Award.
On October 7th, 1989, Julie won the British Academy for Film and Television Arts' special Tribute Award.(BAFTA) She was the first actress ever to receive this prestigious award.
In 1995, Julie made a triumphant return to Broadway in the stage version of Victor/Victoria, directed by Blake Edwards.
Under the name of Julie Edwards, Julie authored the first of her children's books in 1971. Ms Andrews is also working on her autobiography.
Julie is the devoted mother of 5 grown children, daughter Emma, Blake Edwards two children, Jennifer and Geoffrey, as well as Amy and Joanna, two orphans the couple adopted in 1974.
Away from stage and screen, Ms Andrews is an unflagging worker on behalf of several charities, including Operation USA, UNICEF and Save the Children. In 1992 Julie served as Goodwill Ambassador for UNIFEM.
In December 2001, Julie was honoured at The John F. Kennedy Centre for the 24th annual national celebration of the arts for her unique and extremely valuable contribution to films and the musical theatre .
Dame Julie Andrews is currently struggling to regain her world renowned singing voice after a botched throat operation, but she remains optimistic that one day she will sing again.

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