Sunday, June 10, 2012 11:05:48 AM

John Lennon was born on 9 October 1940  and died on 8 December 1980. He was shot by a gunman outside his New York apartment.
He married Cynthia  Lennon (Powell)  in 1962. Julian was his son to this marriage and later a son Sean to Yoko Ono. Like many other in this industry drugs played a big part in their lives and we cannot judge  for that just what joy they brought to our lives (that is God's job).
George Harrison was born February 24, 1943 and died of cancer on- November 29, 2001. George was 58. He married Pattie Boyd in 1966. He was one of the Fab four Beatles. for 10 years they were just so good writing so many of the songs that are etched in our memories forever. He went his own way in 1970 after they broke up. Later he married Olivia Trinidad Arias and had one son Dhani. He sang with the Travelling Wilburys in 1988.