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More of my hints here, not necessarily GREEN THOUGH and THROUGH

I have some hints amongst my pages, but I have decided to expand on this and make some information I have collected over the years on these new pages.

When we think of cleaning we need to change our way of doing things around the home.

Over the years new products have been put out to to take our money, and right in front of us on numerous occasions are environmentally friendly items, with very little cost to use.

My home always has BI-CARB SODA and VINEGAR in the pantry.

Cautionary Statement and Disclaimer

Hints and tips and home remedies given on here are to give you information only and not all of them have been tested by me. You are free to use any of the advice or suggestions on this site entirely at your own risk. Please note that in no way will I be held responsible for any problems that might occur, or any damage or loss sustained due to the use of information.

Any hints use here is to be used a guide to assist you and is in not in any way intended to be used as a substitute for professional advice or treatment. Be sure to consult with your physician before adhering to any of the information given, advice or recommendations regarding your health, beauty or fitness that may be presented on this site.

Please understand that you are solely responsible for the use of any information given on this site and use of any information will be at your own risk.

How to cut your fuel use

1. Accelerate gently and don’t rev unnecessarily.
2. Be aware of traffic conditions ahead so you can avoid unnecessary acceleration and braking.
3. Steer clear of excessive speeds. By travelling at 100km/h instead of 110km/h, you can reduce fuel consumption by 10 per cent.
4. Avoid lengthy idling – turn off your car instead.
5. Keep your tyres properly inflated.
6. Use air-conditioning sparingly. It can increase fuel consumption by 5-10 per cent – particularly on hot days – but at high speeds, air-conditioning is better than an open window.
7. Minimise wind resistance. Remove roof racks and other attachments when not in use.
8. Remove unnecessary weight from your car.

Change your way of thinking to GREENER and CLEANER with some simple measures.

Turn off unnecessary lights.

Phase out Incandescent lights.

Clean walls with:

½ cup Vinegar
1 cup Clear Ammonia
¼ cup Baking Soda
4 litres warm water.

Kitchen Area:

Have you ever thought about using Cloudy Ammonia to clean your oven. READ LABEL CAREFULLY ALWAYS A great product but beware.

Keep this product away from reach of children. Use only in well ventilated area.

½ cup Cloudy Ammonia, 1 cup of water, combined in oven proof dish, for around 15 minutes in warm oven, then wipe excess off with sourer and BI-CARB SODA. then finish of with clean damp dishcloth. Caution with this product is essential. It is would advisable to wear surgical mask to protect eyes and nose from the fumes. By using BI-CARB SODA on hard to remove grime is not only cheaper than products in super market it is non abrasive.

Using BI-CARB SODA on your bench tops and stainless steel sink  will be on most cases been ample enough.

BI-CARB SODA inside and outside your fridge will do a great job and use some vinegar on the outside to give a perfect shine.

To clean marks  off the outside of your fridge, mix 4 tablespoons of plain flour, 8 tablespoons of Hydrogen Peroxide, 4 tablespoons of white Vinegar and mix to a smooth paste. Then paint onto the fridge. 4 hours after this process wash off with warm water and use a small amount of car polish to shine.

Get the smell of onion off your hands by rubbing them over your stainless steel sink.

Did you know that an opened packet of BI-CARB SODA will keep your fridge odour free for three months. Vanilla will give clean sweet smell too.

When cooking fish add piece of fresh apple to pan. For extra flavour dip in curry and flour and it will remove strong fishy smell.

A perfect shot at cleaning your blocked drains try 1 cup of BI-CARB SODA, 1 cup of salt and ¼ cup Cream of Tartar. Shake all these ingredients in screw top jar, then pour a ¼ of this mixture down the drain, then pour 2 cups of boiling water. Leave from around 5 minutes, then let cold water down the drain. Leave the remainder of liquid in drain for repeats later on. However to avoid the drain being blocked in the first place, send a handful of  BI-CARB SODA, then pour ½ cup Vinegar down. Let this settle for around 1 hour. Washing Soda will have the same effect, around 250g then send some boiling water down the drain .

Keep potatoes white whilst cooking add a little white Vinegar. 

An environmentally friendly toilet cleaner  is vitamin C. Depending on how bad the stains  in your toilet are, simply place 2 or 3 tablets  in the water. Let stand for 2 or 3 hours, and flush.  

Moving on now to the kitchen drain. 1 cup of Washing Soda poured down sink, followed by boiling water then handful of our brilliant BI-CARB SODA and ½ cup Vinegar.

Peanut butter that has dried out some what can be restored with small of Honey.

A quick way to set for water for ice is use warm water, it will set faster.

For lighter pastry use 1 tablespoon of powdered milk to the flour and mix with ice water an squeeze of Lemon juice.

Cleaning the oven can be a real pain. For folks who want to take the pain out of the equation, place the stainless steel racks into a bath filled with hot water with washing powder sprinkled in. Leave over night and rub off any excess stain next day. So easy and not nasty rubbing for hours with string harmful chemicals.

To remove stains from wood or plastic cutting boards and to make fresh and disinfect at thee same time, rub with BI-CARB SODA regularly, also pour Vinegar over it and let stand still for 5 minutes, the bubbles this creates will act as two natural chemicals.

Never pour fat or oil down the sink, let it settle in dish etc them use paper towel to remove the bulk of it and wash in hot soapy  water. Pour excess oil or unwanted fat in cardboard container like empty cream or milk container.

Don't know the difference between Plain or Self Raising Flour - . Place a teaspoon of SR Flour into a cup this will bubble to top of glass Plain Flour will not bubble.

Ground Ginger added to spicy food can aid indigestion.

Difficult to open jars can be helped by running under hot water.

Soften hard icing sugar with a little Glycerine. Lave it 2-3 days for best result. Add a few drop of Vinegar to icing mixture and will set quicker. Avoid sticky icing sugar if you place junket tablet into icing when mixing. Brush cake with egg white before icing as no absorption from cake colour will take place.. 1 dessertspoon of Condensed Milk into the icing mixture will stop it cracking and will be firmer, but still soft. Jam spread over the cake spread thinly ensuring crush will not come off when cut.

Stained white kitchen chopping boards can be helped by washing leaving out in the sun to bleach naturally or stubborn stain rub paste of  BI-CARB SODA and salt and leave for an hour and rinse clean.

A cheap home made Garlic paste mix 6 cloves of crushed Garlic with enough Olive Oil just to moisten and place in Labelled jar ready for cooking in favourite dishes.

For crystallised honey rest in hot water for a short time or quick few seconds in microwave will do the trick.

Add Garlic immediately to a recipe if you want a light taste of Garlic and at the end of the recipe if you want a stronger taste of Garlic.

When cooking your Rhubarb place a spoonful of marmalade in when cooking.

The versatile Vinegar can keep Bacon fresh by wrapping the bacon in cloth dampened a little in Vinegar. And when cooking try placing some flour of both side of the Bacon to prevent splashing whilst cooking.

A little Lemon juice to Rice will give some added improvement to flavour. It will also whiten and separate grains.

Warm cups and spoons before you use for Honey etc and make it easy to come out and off implements.

To make light fluffy omelettes, use a bit of water, instead of milk, in your eggs.

To really make richer creamier scrambled eggs or omelettes rich add a couple spoonfuls of sour cream, cream cheese, or thick cream and then beat them up.

Why not try something natural for sparkling glasses and put some Lemon peel into your washing up water, or perhaps small amount of Cloudy Ammonia. I don't use a dish washer, I prefer to wash up as I go in my sink, saves extra as I don't need to buy extra cutlery or dishes and saves on electricity and water , and my money. Try placing towel a tea towel in the bottom of the sink to prevent damage to glasses.

 Why not place some BI-CARB SODA in the washing up water to dissolve the grease.

Simple way to remove stains from bottom of jars or bottles, using your washing up water with lots of suds try swishing it around with a little steel wool or mixtures sand.


When boiling eggs in aluminium saucepan, add a ½ teaspoon of white Vinegar and some Lemon juice to prevent it being discoloured.

Find a nut hard to open, then warm them oven for 5 minutes.

Difficult odours to shift from thermos, jugs and coffee makers or bottles, yes the old BI-CARB SODA and some hot water and Vinegar. Strange but useful.

In my early married life I am afraid I did mange to burn the bottom of some saucepans. Hint; Soak overnight with salt and Vinegar, next day bring to boil, or sprinkle with BI-CARB SODA and let stand or Cream of Tartar in just enough water to make paste and leave for 30 minutes.

To clean your marble benches, try some Borax.

Now I will turn to Silverware. 

1 litre of water

1 piece of Aluminium foil 

1 tablespoon of BI-CARB SODA or Washing Soda, this should be found amongst the laundry are of your supermarket .

Find a big old saucepan with room for your cutlery. Place only a few items at a time and bring to boiling point, . 10 seconds maximum is all they will need, then rinse and dry. Tea and coffee pots in just enough water to half cover them and double to recipe or BI-CARB SODA, but turn after a few seconds, then do the other side. A soft toothbrush for intricate work will do a great job on that area. What happens is the soda reacts with the foil, giving of hydrogen bubbles taking that nasty tarnish off. Science classes paying off now.

For Stainless steel just simple hot soapy water will do. Never use acids like Vinegar or salt and BI-CARB SODA only small amounts as it may damage surface with scratches.

Brass objects can be soaked in Cloudy Ammonia  from 5-15 minutes. Be aware of your ventilation when using the Cloudy Ammonia, masks, windows open etc.  A great product but be careful of the fumes.

Items made of Copper or brass can also be cleaned with Cider Vinegar, BI-CARB SODA, ½ Lemon and  Vaseline. Make a thick paste of Cider Vinegar,

BI-CARB SODA and then rub the Lemon over it and then rinse and dry and use Vaseline to protect it once again from tarnishing.

Floors: For Cork tiles, Ceramic tiles, Linoleum or Slate: Vinegar is great to mop the floor with, as it acts as a mild disinfectant.

Quarry tiles can be cleaned with the Cloudy Ammonia. Don't forget to ventilate room.

For stubborn stains on Terrazzo tiles rub stain with a little Lemon and common salt. Leave for around 1 hour then clean it off. for scuff marks on rubber floors, rub gently with a little BI-CARB SODA and a soft cloth. For waxed for floors use Beeswax, natures wonderful product. 

Carpets can be cleaned with home made shampoo made of 1 cup pure  soap grated, 3 tablespoons of Washing Soda, 3 tablespoons of Cloudy Ammonia and 5 cups boiling water. Grate the soap and add the boiling water, stirring until dissolved. Then place Washing Soda and Cloudy Ammonia and pour into wide necked jar with screwed tip lid  and LABEL with what is inside immediately and keep away from children. Place small amount of stain and lather with old cloth no colour in it and some hot water. Use the water sparingly. To deodorise the carpet sprinkle the BI-CARB SODA around and leave overnight. for the dreaded curry stain rub with Borax paste or Glycerine and rinse off.

For spilt wine, coffee, tea, milk or beer, get BI-CARB SODA on it immediately. This and or salt with absorb the offensive stain. However do not rub. then sprinkle a little salt of and BI-CARB SODA, vacuum when dry.

Next we will battle on in the Bathroom.-Toilet

For natural shine rub bath and basin with Vinegar. Stubborn stain in the bat or shower use BI-CARB SODA. Why not add some sprigs of Lavender to it or maybe some Rosemary to distract the smell of Vinegar. Try this for urine stains left by some members of some households who miss the toilet bowl. White Vinegar is best .

An environmentally friendly toilet cleaner  is vitamin C. Depending on how bad the stains  in your toilet are, simply place 2 or 3 tablets  in the water. Let stand for 2 or 3 hours, and flush.  

Try scrubbing your plastic curtain with some Vinegar instead.

Always wipe water of shower screen immediately after your shower, even the walls to prevent mould and water does seem to break surface of glass if left. Mould can be removed with elbow grease early in the piece but if badly stained then use BI-CARB SODA, or Methylated Spirits, Cloudy Ammonia or Epson Salts. Who would believe it!

Now let us turn to the mirror, just bring out the old newspapers and some Vinegar to dampen slightly and wipe them down. Lastly a coating of Glycerine or Eucalyptus Oil and this will prevent mirror from fogging up.

The next stop is our Laundry.

The moral here is the longer a stain is left the harder it will be to remove.

Always read manufacturer's instructions to wash all clothes.

To fluff up feather quilts after, dry for short time with 2 tennis balls when about half way through drying.

Perfume stains sponge immediately with cold water then use un-diluted Cloudy Ammonia, test fabric first though.

Washing soap recipe here.

Rust marks in your bath can be removed by a paste of BI-CARB SODA, Lemon juice and some salt and rub this into the stain.

Rust removal to washable fabric. Mix equal parts of Cream of Tartar with some salt. Wet the material first and rub in well. Leave in sun to dry then wash per normal method. For worst rust marks boil the fabric in a mixture of 2 ½ cups of water with 2 teaspoons of Cream of Tartar.

Scorch marks on washable clothes etc can be removed by 3 tablespoons of Borax in 500mls of water. Soak until it fades then wash per usual method. Rub with cut onion will also give you some results and sunlight. Light scorch marks will fade with a paste of Borax and Glycerine. Cover the stain and leave for 12 hours. Or cover the mark with a past of equal parts of white Vinegar and onion juice and some dry clay if can be found. Carpet that has been scorched try mixing 5 tablespoons of Lemon juice and ¼ cup of household bleach and 1 cup water. sponge and repeat till gone. Cornflour and al little water rubbed on coloured fabrics can give a good result too.

Perspiration stains soak in 2 tablespoons of BI-CARB SODA and 6 litres of warm water, soak the clothes in this and then wash as usual. Lemon juice or white Vinegar will have the same result too.

Grease on clothes try talcum powder For grease on carpet use Cream of Tartar or BI-CARB SODA and let be for 24 hours then vacuum next day.

Make your mohair jumpers etc softer, when they are being washed try ordinary hair shampoo to wash them in.

Removing blood stains from non washable items use Cornflour or Starch and mix to a  thick paste  and spread over stain. 

Eucalyptus Oil or Glycerine is excellent for spot cleaning garments. Rub apply, do not rub on effected area and leave around 2 minutes. This is also handy for removing gum from fabrics, or try simple frozen ICE CUBES.

For offensive perspiration stains make place 2 tablespoons of BI-CARB SODA in old bucket of water, soaking for around 1 hour, before you attempt to wash. Good old Vinegar or Lemon juice will give you some relief also.

Stains from Cherries can be removed with a cut tomato rubbed on spot then washed.

Blood: Always attempt this ASAP and always use COLD water as hot water will set stain forever. Some Cloudy Ammonia drops in a bucket and soak once again will assist.

The dreaded coffee or tea stain can be got rid of paste of Borax and Glycerine. I use cold water to rinse and wash these.

Cocoa and Chocolate stains will clean off with Borax sprinkled on for a minute then wash in cold water.

Some Biro stains can removed with Methylated Spirits, then wash on normal way afterwards.

Curry coloured stains should go also with Methylated Spirits (keep away from children) or soak in Glycerine.

Red wine stains, can go with soda water. then sprinkle with common salt then wash normally.

Bad Banana stains can be a jolly nuisance so try a solution of 4 tablespoons of Borax and 2½ cups water and soak garment in then wash in usual method, or try the paste of this in stain and then wash as usual.

Mildew can be removed with Lemon juice and salt and leave in sun for a few days to bleach out naturally.

Oil stains can be removed by using a paste of sugar and water.

Candle wax removal: I use and iron with with brown paper and grease stains use hot water and then Methylated Spirits on the stain. I did this for my altar cleaning duties.

No harm will take place if you use Lemon juice instead of bleach. Not to be used with silk fabric though.

Vinegar can be used as a disinfectant.

For green and red stains (grass and cricket ball) on cricket clothes use 2 parts Cloudy Ammonia, 2 parts  Methylated Spirits and 3 parts hot water, spread this over stained area and then wash per usual.

Discoloured tea towels can be revitalised with Cream of Tartar soaked in litre of water before you wash them.

Use natural cotton nappies. Place solids in toilet then rub with pure soap or the mixture mentioned previously. Then place in bucket of hot water with 1 cup Vinegar of cap full of Eucalyptus Oil to disinfectant and refresh. Then let sun bleach them naturally. Trust me I never used anything else with 6 children. It is said that disposable nappies stay in soil and will not break down over many years.

Wool Mix can be made with:

4 cups of Lux Flakes

1 cup of Methylated Spirits

1 cup Eucalyptus Oil

Mix all these and place in bottle.

Mould and mildew try sunlight and Lemon juice.

Mulberry stains can be removed by rubbing it with a green Mulberry on fabric or your hands.

Spilt coffee on washable fabric try 4 tablespoons of Borax  and 2½  cups of water, soak then wash per usual. Spilt coffee on your carpet make paste of Borax and water and rub into stain on a moist cloth. for wool fabric try glycerine with egg yolk and spread over the stain, leaving it around 30  minutes, then wash off. 

Chocolate stains on fabrics that are washable can be eliminated with 4 tablespoons of Borax and 2½ cups of warm water. 

For difficult to recognise stains origins try Eucalyptus Oil to remove the stain.

Zinc Cream will be difficult tor remove unless you try 1 cup of Methylated Spirits,1 small packet of Lux flakes and a small bottle of Eucalyptus Oil. Store in well Labelled jar and apply undiluted onto the stain.

Old sheets or tablecloths of can be rejuvenated with ½ cup dish washing liquid, 6 cups of hot water and ¼ cup Methylated Spirits. Use ¼ cup of this mixture when you do them in the wash.

For difficult to remove fruit stains, try 2 teaspoons of Cloudy Ammonia and 3½ cups water and sponge the offending stain.

Stains from mud can be removed washing them Cloudy Ammonia or rub stain with raw potato.

Mustard stains try sponging it with Glycerine.

Spilt coffee on washable fabric try 4 tablespoons of Borax  and 2½  cups of water, soak then wash per usual.  For wool fabric try glycerine with egg yolk and spread over the stain, leaving it around 30  minutes, then wash off. 

Fabric softener can be made of 250g of pure soap powder, 1 cup of Methylated Spirits and ¼ cup Eucalyptus Oil.

Nail Polish of your clothes, use non-oily Nail Polish Remover and treat the colour from it with Methylated Spirits. 

Next room is the Lounge room.

Use a little toothpaste on burn marks on furniture, rubbing with the grain of wood.

Spilt coffee on your carpet make paste of Borax and water and rub into stain on a moist cloth.

Furniture Polish can be made with: ½ cup Lemon juice, 1 cup Olive Oil.

A non allergenic carpet shampoo can be made form grating pure soap into bucket of a little warm water them add 2 litres boiling water with 30g Cream of Tartar. Or next method ½ cake grated pure soap, 5 cups of boiling water and 3 tablespoons of Cloudy Ammonia.

Scorch marks on upholstery, try softening mark with 1 part Glycerine and 1 part  water. After leaving for an hour, then gently sponge with warm water.

Shake theses in a bottle and remember to LABEL it!

White heat marks should disappear with Camphorated Oil, or salt and Olive Oil if that fails try water and cigarette ash.

Scratches: Try 1 tablespoon Olive Oil,

½  tablespoon Vinegar. mix these and rub with a dry cloth or cork dipped with camphorated oil or shelled raw walnut. The Camphorated Oil can be also used to remove water stains from your furniture

For dark leather furniture try Olive Oil and Eucalyptus Oil. Don't use on light leather.

Clean chrome surface with Cloudy Ammonia and then dry with soft dry cloth.

BORAX (read from someone else's this site and take on board before using) it is poisonous to animals and us humans so use very carefully. Borax mixed with jam or sugar on ant trail. Be sure this is done on surface  that will not be touched by humans etc. Rubber gloves should be worn when handling Borax as it is a poisonous, corrosive chemical. I would also try just talcum powder.

On Bamboo or cane furniture try warm soapy water with a little Borax, then rinse with salty water, or soapy with water with a few drops of Cloudy Ammonia or use previously shown furniture polish.

Aluminium surfaces use warm soapy water and soft steel wool rubbing in one direction only, shine then Cloudy Ammonia and soft dry cloth

For soiled fabric upholstery use water sparingly. Use a sudsy mixture so soap flakes or carpet shampoo mentioned above previously. then dry quickly with hand held hair dryer.

Glass top tables etc. Use a damp newspaper with white Vinegar, then dry off with dry newspaper.

Restore furniture with this mixture. Vinegar, Methylated Spirits, Orange Oil or Linseed Oil. Once again mix and place in Labelled bottle and use a soft cloth to clean and restore.

Wooden frames cam be cleaned with pastry brush and warm soapy water on slightly damp cloth. For gold, brass or chrome frames, use Cloudy Ammonia but of course avoid the painting inside frames.

Piano keys can be cleaned with warm water with a few drops of Vinegar for plastic and ivory half quantities of Methylated Spirits and warm water.

Neat white Vinegar will clean fire places or try a paste of Cream of Tartar and water, spread around, leave to dry off and then brush of powder.

Now for my favourite items the jewellery: Soak gold jewellery in Cloudy Ammonia  for 5 minutes. rinse off with cold water and dry. A soft toothbrush can be to get into hard to reach areas. ALWAYS do this in well ventilated area to prevent fumes from harming eyes and nose.

For Silver jewellery use ½ litres of water

1 dessertspoon of Washing Soda or 1 dessertspoon of BI-CARB SODA

1 piece of Aluminium foil.

Boil the 1 litre of water and add the Washing Soda or BI-CARB SODA and put the foil at the bottom of the saucepan. Now place your jewellery in a tea strainer etc. dip in and out a few time and move around so all of it is emersed in to the boiling water. Now dry with soft towel or cloth.

Diamonds to give that once again sparkle wash in a small amount with a few drops for Cloudy Ammonia hot soapy water. then clean lightly with soft brush and lastly dip into alcohol.

Windows can be cleaned with damp newspaper with some white Vinegar sprinkled on it, or Methylated Spirits.

Creepy Crawlies, Pets and Insects

Pour boiling water into their ant nests.

Pest such as Cockroaches are a difficult thing to irradiate. However saying that cut ends of cucumber off and place in cupboards till they shrivel up. Secondly rub Tea Tree Oil over cupboard surfaces. A small amount of Borax mixed with icing sugar is a great deterrent for them also. This must be kept away from children who might think it is icing sugar and adults who have not been pre-warned what it is.

Let us put stale beer left in bottles to the test by applying oil or margarine to neck of bottle and a little stale beer at the bottom of bottle will lead them in but cannot get out.

Basil grown in pots near back door will deter Blow flies.

Crushed cloves will repel ants. 

More nuisance Ants try this 250gg of common salt with ½ litre of water, add 5 kilos of saw dust or Bran flakes and 10 cups Molasses. This crumbly mixture can be place around areas where they are, and it is not harmful to pets of children.

Another method ⅓ cup of Molasses 6 tablespoons of sugar and 6 tablespoons of dry Yeast. Mix is bowl to form a smooth paste, then you can place ons trips of cardboard where Ants frequent.

Silverfish do not like Lavender or Eucalyptus Oil or Epson Salts. Place some Lavender sachets into drawers.

Ants won't crawl over chalk.

Moths. Use Epson Salts and also sprinkle with Cloves around at the back of shelves of pantry, drawers to deter them. Or try a few sachets of Lavender or wipe Lavender Oil or Eucalyptus Oil over drawers or shelves, or Cloudy Ammonia.

Try a fly swat first to kill flies. I know it can be messy but no harmful chemical seems a great idea. Some herbs that can deter flies can be panted in boxes near doors, like Mint, Tansy, Pennyroyal, Feverfew . Feverfew can be rubbed on skin to give some protection.

A home made fly replant can be made with placing in a a saucepan a handful of Bay leaves with a little Olive Oil. Boil this then simmer for 10 minutes and add to cooled mixture 10ml of Eucalyptus Oil, 120mm of Vodka and 150ml of water. Store in well LABELLED bottle and rub on arms or legs when flies bother you .

Camphor is a real exit for Mozzies. Melt and place in boiling water and leave in rooms at night. Go around the yard or garden and make sure there are no tins or other objects that have water in them and tip tit out, as they breed in stagnant water

For pets try adding Pennyroyal, Eucalyptus Oil or Tea Tree Oil or Orange Oil to normal shampoo, to give fleas their marching orders.

Add Brewer's Yeast to pet food and it will help keep fleas on the animals.

An excellent alternative for Flea collar is made simply with soaking a bootlace in Eucalyptus Oil and then use at normal collar on the dog. Re do this every few days.

If you see Fleas on the carpet try 18 drops of Pennyroyal Oil to 500g of BI-CARB SODA, then liberally sprinkle on carpet and vacuum around 1 hour later.

Garlic works wonder for Fleas on your pets too. ½ clove for cats and around 2 for large dogs. Try mashing it up in the food or place cloves down the back of their throats. I prefer the first method.

Cat's urine and leave their odour around the garden etc and these can alleviated by chopping a cloves of Garlic, adding a teaspoon of Cayenne pepper or 1 Tablespoon of Tabasco, then add to 4 cups of warm water. Leave mixture for around 2 hours, stain and place in spray bottle ready to use where odours persist.   

Add a little Dettol to normal shampoo for dogs to prevent fleas, keep bedding ara clean and washed regularly.

Once again another method place in large saucepan and fill and boil water then turn heat off and throw handfuls of fresh or dried Rosemary in. Place then put lid back and let stand for 30 minutes. Apply this cooled mixture after you have washed the animal and let dry on their coat. Chopped fresh Fennel pour some Cider Vinegar over and let stand overnight. Strain next day and apply with a soft cloth. 

Eucalyptus Oil combed through your pet's coat will deter flies. Also mix 10 parts Pennyroyal Oil with 40 parts Methylated Spirits. Label well and store in container and use when necessary .

For puppies that seem to chew everything in sight, sprinkle the items with Cayenne Pepper or oil of Cloves. This should be a lessen not to get hold of the items that had been chewing.

For those nasty dropping left on lawns for dog owners who are not responsible enough to pick up their droppings from their pets. Mash a brown onion with some Tabasco Sauce and add 4 cups of water, strain this and water onto the lawns twice a week. Naphthalene flakes sprinkled around lawns will deter the unwanted pets, it won't hurt the plants or grass but is dangerous if swallowed by pets or children. Cats do not seem to like orange peels around areas that pest frequent or Cloudy Ammonia is another product that they don't like either. Chilli paste, horseradish, Cloudy Ammonia and white Vinegar in equal parts, then mix this 6 parts of water and put in spry bottle and spray in areas they come to

Dettol 1 part and 2 parts washing up liquid and 3 parts water, this will help keep fleas at bay.

Wool mix of 4 cups of Lux flakes, 1 cup of Methylated Spirits and 1 cup Eucalyptus Oil, more oil can be added if fleas are a problem .

For home made doggy biscuits mash ¾ cup of dog food and then mix in 1 cup of unprocessed Bran and 1 cup of vegetable oil. Mould this into patties adding more oil if necessary. Bake in oven at 120°C for 3½ hours. Makes around 16 medium biscuits and will keep roughly a month in fridge.

To rid your house of animal smells use 10 drops of Lavender Oil to 1 cup of BI-CARB SODA and stir with spoon, then sprinkle over area to be treated. Best do it at night and leave then vacuum up next day. 

Some Personal Help:

Please try and use natural products for perspiration odour, by using  a few drops of Lavender Oil with ¼ teaspoon of water. For tires sore and swollen feet try soaking in a few litres of warm water with 1 cup of BI-CARB SODA, then takes turns with soaking in hot and cold water for roughly 20 minutes.

Cut a potato in ½ and rub of your aching feet in circular motion. Let it dry on your skin and leave overnight.

Home made Shaving cream: 1 small a packet of Lux flakes, 300mls of boiling water, 1 tablespoons of Olive Oil and Lavender Oil. bet this mixture till it thickens and it is creamy. Sore in a jar and LABEL.

Shaving rash can relieved by making a mixture of 3-5 drops of Tea Tree Oil and 1 tablespoon a water based GEL and apply 2 times daily.

Ugly stains of your finger nails try mixing equal parts of Lemon juice, sugar and dip your nails into this solution.

Soak your nails in Olive Oil, it keeps them shiny and cuticle soft.

Toothpaste seems to help get rid of pimples.

Sponge your face throughout the day with milk and water.

Start the day with Lemon juice in some hot water or maybe two shot of Vinegar after lunch to aid digestion

To smooth hands and elbows rub an equal mixture of sugar and margarine .

Thyme is also wonderful, try putting handful of fresh Thyme into some boiling water and rub on your feet with1 tablespoon of salt .

3 tablespoons of Epson Salts and 2 tablespoons of BI-CARB SODA , 3 tablespoons of cooking salt, 3 drops of Rosemary Oil into a bowl of hot water. Just relax, sit back and see the results.

Rough elbows can be given some relief with a few drops of Olive Oil and ½ a squeezed Lemon, rubbing on rough are a few times daily.

The herb Thyme has some marvellous qualities and makes a wonderful herbal tea and great for sore throats  and breaking up mucus. 1 cup of dried Thyme and 1 tablespoon of Honey into 1 cup of hot water. Let this stand till cool. Reheat once you have strained this solution and sip when needed.

A different insect repellent use Baby Oil, Citronella, Castor Oil and Lavender Oil on skin, to repel insect bites.

However if you get bitten rub BI-CARB SODA and Vinegar to relieve the itch, this is also good for sunburn.

Honey to relieve the irritation of bee sting, only once the stinger has been removed. Raw onion can give some relief also.  

Old fashioned remedies are really good. for Nappy rash why not try mixing some cornflour and zinc cream. Or Apricot Kernel Oil with some vitamin E cream. Another method is 1 drop of Tea Tree Oil with ⅔ Glycerine, 1 drop of Tea Tree Oil an to 1 teaspoon of baby cream each time you change the nappies and to prevent rash becoming infected use 1 drops of Tea Tree Oil in 1 drop of Glycerine frequently to bath water.

For Tinea or Athlete's Foot use 100g dried Thyme and 500mls of Brandy, yikes there goes my Christmas Brandy. Store in bottle and apply of area that is affected.

Painful corns of your feet can be quite distressing. a A piece of bread dipped in Vinegar and  and nice soft bandage and apply and leave overnight. Or maybe try crushed 12 cloves of Garlic then add around the equal amounts of Lemon juice. Place in container and apply at night for 3 weeks.

The dreaded Garlic breath will disappear by chewing parsley. 

Ugly cigarette stains can be removed with Eucalyptus Oil or Methylated Spirits. 

Annoying nose bleeds use a cold compress wrapped in towel and tilt head back and place the cold compress onto  the nose or back of neck.

Dermatitis can be problem on your skin, so rub affected area with the inside of a banana skin until you see a result, perhaps just twice a day.

Natural Yoghurt can assist with chronic bad breath.

False teeth or Dentures can be cleaned for 10 minutes in white Vinegar or soak overnight in water and Vinegar in equal quantities.

To prevent blisters forming in the first place apply Methylated Spirits for at least a week before hand.  This toughens the area to prevent them forming when new shoes are worn.

Tea bags to give relief to sore eyes. Can rid puffiness and eye strain.

For painful Bee sting try a little Honey on affected area after the stinger has been removed.

For that stuffy head cold use3 drops of Peppermint Oil, 1 drop of Sage Oil and 1 drop of Thyme Oil (health stores should stock these). Inhale with towel over your head. Eucalyptus Oil   in boiling water will have roughly the same affect. I also use Vicks Vapour Rub around tablespoon in the boiling water will give some relief also. Another old remedy can be made up of 2 cloves crushed Garlic, ½teaspoon of Ginger, 1 teaspoon of Honey, juice from 1 Lemon and pinch of Cayenne Pepper, and place all in  a china cup with 1 cup of boiling water. Let it settle for 10 minutes then reheat and drink. This is fantastic potion.

Cough drops, homemade of course can be made with 3 tablespoons of sugar, 3 tablespoons pf Honey, 1 tablespoons of butter, 1 tablespoon of Vinegar, 1 tablespoon of Lemon juice and 2 drops of double strength Eucalyptus Oil and heat and pour into prepared buttered tray and let cool. Break into small pieces and store in fridge. 

Dandruff: Hot Olive or Corn  Oil can be rubbed into the scalp. cover with towel and leave for and hour, then wash hair  as usual. Another method is make a mixture of white Vinegar, 1 tablespoon of Rum and 1 tablespoon of Castor Oil.

Clean soiled hair brushes by using ⅛ cup of Cloudy Ammonia to 6 cups of lukewarm water. Soak them is in this solution moving them around frequently.

Method No 2: is 3 tablespoons of BI-CARB SODA  and 3 tablespoons of household Bleach.

Lemon juice or Vinegar in the final rinse gives hair a natural shine. Egg yolk mixed with 1 tablespoon of cold water massaged into scalp massaged into hair is wonderful conditioner. Rinse our in warm water. Castor Oil for over bleached hair will give extra help also. 

Home made hair shampoo:

Method No 1: Mix 1 tablespoon of Castor Oil, 1 tablespoon of Glycerine, 1 cup grated Sunlight soap and 1 teaspoon of Borax. Then put ½ cup Lemon juice and 2 cups of water. Slowly simmer this, occasionally stirring. when cool place into plastic bottle.

Method No 2: 1 Cup Lux Flakes, 1 small tube Lanoline, 60mls of Olive Oil and 600mls of boiling water. Mix this thoroughly and store in Labelled bottle. A few drops of your favourite fragrant oil if desired.

Method No 3: Pure cakes of soap and 500ml of water and simmer gently until dissolved. then the cooled mixture can be poured into wider-neck container and you can one again place a few drops of your favourite essential oil into if desired.

Method No 4: Special treat for you hair use juice of 1 Lemon and 1 egg yolk.

I don't suffer from Hay fever anymore and I sure wish I had known these years ago when I had it. Try smearing a little Lanoline around the nostril before you go to bed. Try wearing hat on your head at night to reduce heat form body and getting chilled then sneezing should be reduced also

And inhalant can be made by blending 2 drops of Rosemary Oil and 1 drop each of Geranium and Eucalyptus Oil. Drop some on tissue and inhale when needed. Another herbal method is add 3 drops of Rosemary Oil and 1 drop each of Thyme and Peppermint Oils into a medium bowl of boiling water. Cover head with tea towel in inhale. Always be careful around children with the boiling water.

Head Lice: Try this method before you place harmful chemicals onto your scalp. Wash firstly with plenty of sop and hot water. Massage Olive Oil into the scalp well. Place shower cap on and cover and leave for 1 hour. Wash your hair well again and rinse well. Blow dry hair and use a torch to see and  to remove any left over Lice, cutting the individual al hair strand they are on. The ars and nape of neck  are where they seem to thrive, so check these areas thoroughly. Use a special comb to be sure they are all gone. Lastly attend to all bedding, towels, clothes etc and wash thoroughly in hot water with a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil in the wash.

I used Lemon juice for my freckles and they went forever.

1 Tablespoon of Oatmeal into your bath will stop soap scum and will soften your skin.

Yoghurt can be a wonderful hair conditioner, if left for a few minutes before final rinse. Refreshing baths can be had if you put 1 cup of Epson Salts in the water.

Sugar, butter and Lemon juice rubbed into  heels and elbows, to get smooth.

Cold teas can be used for sunburn or cover skin with BI CARB SODA

Try some oatmeal to scrub your face. You will be most surprised by silky texture afterwards.

Splinters can be easily removed by dabbing Iodine over it then place ice cube over it and leave it to numb for a few minutes, then slide splinter out or put a little baby oil.

A natural astringent for skin can be made of just some Lemon juice and cold water.

Sandflies can be so irritating so try a ¼ cup of Dettol a ¼ cup Methylated Spirits and ¼ cup Olive Oil to repel . Once you have been bitten dab this on 1 part Methylated Spirits and 1 part of cold tea.

On the nose sneakers can be refreshed by sprinkling BI-CARB SODA in and leave overnight. Wash them if possible regularly with a little Peppermint Oil. 

Sore throat can be quite distressing so why not try ½ cup cider Vinegar ½ cup water, 1 teaspoons of Cayenne Pepper and 3 tablespoons of pure Honey and sip this frequently through the day.

Incense sticks lit before toilet is used will diffuse the odours that can follow.

Eucalyptus Oil and Lavender Oil can be used, in a bowl. Perhaps Lemons when they have been squeezed placed on bowl of boiling water  away from children of course.

For Garden Gremlins and Garden Help:

Onion spray can be made of 3 chopped onion, 1 clove of Garlic, 2 tablespoons of red hot pepper,1 tablespoon of pure soap and 1 litre of water. Blend all these ingredients in blender, store LABEL well. Great for mites, Aphids, Thrips and scale.

Aphids, scale, Mites and Thrips can also be removed with this method. mix 1 cup white flour, 1 cup milk, then add 5 cups of water and mixt thoroughly, then mix once again. Spray this around for 5-7 days. Looks funny but will wash off.

Pyrethrum is used in many household insect sprays. It is in some mosquito coils also. It affects central nervous system of the insects and it not toxic for humans.

Lavender one of my favourite perfumed flowers. Try picking them early in the morning after the dew has evaporated and before the sun dries them up too much. Now spread in cool dry area away from light to dry our naturally. When they are dry rub the tiny flower from the stalks and fill a small bag. Wonderful to repel Moths and Silverfish.

Lavender can a be a wonderful natural deodoriser. for rooms. Try hanging the bunches upside down with a paper bag around the flowers. They will drop into the bag as they dry. when you have enough add 1 teaspoon of dried Thyme and grated Lemon rind to 1 cup of the dried Lavender.

For homemade Lavender Oil place 2 handfuls of the flowers petals into a large glass jar and the cover with ½ litre of Sunflower Oil or Safflower Oil. Seal very tightly and leave in nice warm area for around 3-4 weeks with gentle shake every few days. Strain finally into another glass jar.

 Dipel to kill Caterpillars can be bought in Australia, not sure if it can be bought overseas.

Throw banana skins around your roses and see them lap them up and thrive. parsley grown along side roses will dispel bugs. Throw a couple of cloves of Garlic in soil when planting roses. or grow it along side your bushes.

Get rid of Bindii weed as soon as you see them by applying boiling salted water only on affected area.

One Lady bird can devour 100's of Aphids in a day so leave them in garden to do their job.

A garden spray  with crushed Garlic and onion then place put same amount of vegetable oil and add home made soap mixtures and store in glass container for a week. Great to get rid of Aphids and Thrips.

Rhubarb spray. Cut up ½ kilo of Rhubarb leaves and boil in 3½ litres of water for 30 minutes, then grate ½ cake of pure soap. Leave stand for 1 hour. strain and dilute with 1 part spray to 2 parts water.

Try some home made chilli spray for rid your plants of Ants and Caterpillars. Fresh chillies water and pure soap or maybe try sprinkling plants with pepper.

50ml White oil and teaspoon of BI-CARB SODA, plus 4½ litres of water. Spray this once a week to rid black spot and powdery mildew

This works well with my Gardenia bush which the soil appears to lacks Magnesium, once a week with 10 litres of water and 1 teaspoon of Epson Salts .

For intense blue flowers with Hydrangeas try adding some Aluminium sulphate into the soil and for pink or red add a little lime to soil.

Chive spray: Pour 600mls of boiling water over dried Chive leaves and let stand for around 1 hour. Strain and put in bottle with diluted mixture of one part spray to two parts water.

Why not try some saw dust, shell grit sprinkled around the plants will scoot off snails and slugs. funny and hard to believe but snails an slugs like beers. So why not place a nearly empty can around the plants or saucer with some beer in it and see the results.

Recycle plastic bottles by cutting the top off and put them on new plants. Or perhaps empty ice cream container forming a collar around your precious plants or seedling, sometime these disinteresting effects work with the pests.

Reopening envelopes and stamp hints: If you seal an envelope and then realise you forgot to include something inside, just place your sealed envelope in the freezer for an hour or two. Viola! It unseals easily.

Another trick for snails is fill a shallow dish with water  and cover with a layer of Bran Flakes. Silly snails will think it is solid and would fall in and drown.

Garden moss will disappear when you pour some Methylated Spirits on it. 

A home made compost heap can be made by putting only vegetable scraps, NO MEAT is advisable, then add some blood and bone and some fresh manure if available, then layer of soil that has been slightly dampened. Now why not shred old newspapers for laying your compost heap. when laying new garden a thick layer of newspaper down on new beds can keep your weeds from coming up.

Once a week fork through mixture and allow some air to penetrate and then damped again. this can be quite along process but it surely worth the effort. eventually you will be able to sue the bottom of the composted soil for plants. Several other items can be added to heap, eggs shells, wood shaving, ash for fireplaces, coffee grains, tea leaves, seaweed, cardboard. Ivy cuttings couch grass, oxalis bulbs do not work well in compost heap.

Along the way I have found some interesting hints that I thought may help you. 

Herbal air fresher: Mix 20 drops of Lavender oil, 5 drops of Lemon Oil and 5 drops of Rosemary Oil with 10ml of Methylated Spirits. 

For a safe antiseptic home made blend equal parts of Eucalyptus Oil and Aloe Vera juice. Store in air tight bottle. Lavender or Tea Tree Oil drops in a cup of water will do the trick also.

Also you can add 30 drops of Lavender Oil with1 teaspoon of Methylated Spirits and 2 cups of Distilled water. Place in pump spray bottle to use when needed.   

A fun bubble mix for children mix 1 part water and pinch of salt and sugar or mix 2 parts warm water and household Detergent. 

Clear nail polish on back of buttons will prevent them from coming off and getting lost in the wash

Dents in carpet can be removed it you hold you humble steam iron above around 15cm until it is moist and brush back and forth till fibres come back to normal position. 

Try an uncut potato to clean car windscreen.

tighten loose knobs of drawers etc by dipping the screw into Nail Polish , or maybe small amount of steel Wool wrapped around it..

Use Blackboard/Chalkboard eraser that you keep in your Glove box to clean windscreen to remove the fog.

For difficult to remove bolts etc, coat with vinegar or oil and leave for 20 minutes or so, then they should come out so much more easily.

Noisy hinges, why not use a toothbrush to remove dirt then wipe some Vaseline or a cake of soap over the hinge. 

Soiled combs can be soaked in Cloudy Ammonia.

Once your keyboard of the computer looks dirty why not clean it with a little Methylated Spirits on a toothpick with cotton wool on it like a cotton bud that you have made.   

Old Nylon stockings can be recycled into ties for plants or store you Garlic and Onions in your pantry.

Stale cigarette smells can be such a nuisance . Mix 2 tablespoons of Cloudy Ammonia with ½ cup of boiling water in bowl and leave windows open. Another method is Cider Vinegar in a bowl or slices of Lemon left overnight.. Onion smells on hands rub with Baking Powder or BI CARB SODA.  Also try running onions under cold water before you peal them to stop watery eyes.

Dry cement sprinkled over grease stains from concrete will help or try dry sawdust sprinkled on and then re do it till stain goes. oca Cola works well too.

For thrashed looking paint brushes that look like they have seen better days dissolve 150g Washing Soda in some hot water and then soak the brushes, good way of just cleaning them also. When the unspeakable has happened and someone has spilt the paint rub a little Turpentine in and peel off as much as possible and then sponge with as solutions of white Vinegar, 1 teaspoon of detergent and 1 litre of warm water, then pat dry.

Clean your reading glasses with Eau-de-cologne.

Paint brush will freshen up if soaked in Vinegar overnight. Cover them with Glad Wrap to prevent them from going hard.

Patent leather will be cleaned and maintained with, milk and Vaseline. 

Removed difficult price tags with a little Eucalyptus Oil or Tea Tree Oil.

To sharpen pins and needles an emery board will assist to sharpen.. Rust can be prevent rust place in screw top jar with some talcum powder.

Clean and freshen up indoor plants with damp cloth with a little milk on.

General purpose air freshener: Mix 1 teaspoon of BI-CARB SODA  with 1 tablespoon of white Vinegar, then add 2 cups of water into a pump spray bottle.

Sprinkle Vinegar over children's' stickers from wood use some white Vinegar, Mayonnaise or vegetable oil

Toilet odours can be eliminated some what with sprigs of Lavender, Freesias, Jasmine, Boronias giving off a nice perfume.

A good all round purpose cleaner can be made of these ingredients placed in a bucket. ½ cup use with caution - Ammonia placed with bucket of water, ½ cup Vinegar and ¼ cup Baking soda . Great of floor, bathroom sinks appliances. Do not use with BLEACH.

Badly creased posters can sprayed with fabric spray and then be ironed on the back.

Store lose needles into cork with thread intact so easy to find next time you need to use one.

For a few recycling tips: Empty roll on deodorant bottles can be used for sun tan lotion.

Don't waste tea leaves, collect them in a bucket strain wash windows, mirrors, use a fertiliser or place on the Roses, Azaleas, Violets and Hydrangeas

Rusty scissors can be helped by using Steel Wool with a little Kerosene in it.  Rust marks on cutlery use fine Steel wool and cut raw onion and leave the juice of it on for around 1 hour.

Shower curtain rings can be emergency key holders. Saucers of pot plants can made of cut down margarine containers. also these container  can be of to growing seedlings. Bladders from wine casks can be used for coolers in your Esky. Rinse thoroughly firstly, then fill with a little BI-CARB SODA  and leave overnight  then next day fill with water, replace caps and freeze.