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Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, was born on 27th February 1932 and died on 23rd March 2011 at 2.15am.

Elizabeth was born born in Hamstead Garden suburb a northwestern suburb of London. She was the second child of Francis Lenn Taylor and Sara Viola Warmbrodt both Americans who were residing in the UK . However it has been said now that Elizabeth had passed away, that she may have been born at a 'swinger's party in Hertford Cheshire in UK. They would often travel for these parties.

In 1941, two years after the Taylors left London to settle in Los Angeles, Sara Taylor finagled a six-month contract for nine year-old Elizabeth at Universal Pictures and featured in 1942.  One Born Every Minute’ co-starring Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer of “Our Gang” fame strangely enough she seemed to have been fired from them - ‘her eyes seem too old and doesn’t seem to have the face of a child’. Actually she seemed to have been born with double eyelashes a medical condition known as Distichiasis. This gave her lashings of sexual appeal and certainly did her no harm at all in accentuating her violet eyes. Elizabeth had  disease scoliosis from birth and she endured severe problems all her life . It is a curvature of the spine, and suffered back problems which were partly to blame for her subsequent addiction to painkillers and alcohol. But she never gave up.  Many of Elizabeth's back problems could be traced back as far as falling off the horse whilst making National Velvet. Elizabeth became 'one shot Liz' because she managed to do it  the  shot right first time.

These gave her the appearance of seeming to be older than she really was. Another fact of her birth was she was born with hypertrichosis; which covered her body with soft back hair, however this vanished within a few weeks after her birth, and the unsightly hair fell away.

Elizabeth’s dad was friends with Samuel Marx from MGM ‘and this maybe helped her get a contact with MGM and appear in Lassie Come Home” in 1943, and gained this by beating four other actresses to get the part. This movie did not gain her much notoriety and she was loaned out to 20th Century for Jane Eyre in 1944. It is believed that he mother was cruel and her insisted Elizabeth learn to cry on cue. It eventually drove her to run to man at 18 and marry him not knowing of his cruelty with  any problems  with violence and alcohol.

Elizabeth's' first years were spent in the UK. Her dad was an art dealer and her mum a part time actress. They often mingled with Winston Churchill and Sir Anthony Eden. Her mum enrolled her in acting and singing classes sat the ripe old age of two. Elizabeth at age three began taking ballet lessons with Vaccani. They move to Bel Air LA when World War Two clouds were looming, where Francis her dad became a hen pecked husband and Sara her mum a 'Pushy Stage Mum'. It seems that Francis  was to have never won an argument and turned also to alcohol  to escape her wrath.

Sara demanded absolute perfection  from Elizabeth in her childhood performances. Watching from the sidelines grimacing when she did not show enough emotion and when Elizabeth made a mistake or messed up her lines Sara would stiffen to show her total displeasure. I have read that she could only use her fingers to add up on, but she had the photographers falling all over themselves with her beauty. And with that 5'2" tiny frame with a 19" waist who could blame them.

Elizabeth became engaged to William Pawley when she was aged only 17.

MGM boss Louis B Mayer sort to improve her looks by plucking her hairline, neaten up her eyebrows  and some thought she had her nose redone in her 20's. It does seem to have changed shape, but I certainly am no expert.

MGM also set her up with a date at 17 year with Glenn Davis an American Footballer. Elizabeth grew tied of this quickly as a complete set up and tossed him aside. Sara saw her opening with Howard Hughes a friend of Francis Taylor and refused to go on a weekend to met him much to her mum's displeasure. Sara came home from her weekend with Howard with Howard's proposals if Elizabeth married him he would buy her a complete movie studio. Of course Elizabeth totally ignored this idea and then ran off in defiance and married Nicky Hilton on 6th May 1950 from the Hilton hotel empire.

Sara believed of course her marriage was because of making 12 movies her some of love confused her real life thinking. however the studio designed her wedding dress, trousseau and honeymoon attire and this also made her confuse fact and fantasy.  Now she had managed to distance herself now from her mum but this was not to bring her much joy. Her honeymoon was spent in the South of France with Nicky but it seems it took a full week for her to have her marriage consummated. Or so it has been said. During her stay with Nicky in Monte Carlo he became jealous of Elizabeth getting all the attention and he turned to gambling and drinking and he beat her with  bruises all over her petite body. During one occasion of a bitter argument she was sent reeling backwards, knocking the wind out of her as she landed hard on the ground screaming 'that will teach you' and then walked away. And like most domestic violence Elizabeth thought it was her fault.

Elizabeth hid this disharmony for her parents, but they soon discovered when they were sharing dinner with them one night what was really going on between them with Nicky yelling at her 'you make me sick'. With that tirade Elizabeth screamed get out of the  house, you b.....d. It was noted during this time she suffered a miscarriage . It was evident she was not placed on God's earth to have her stomach kicked to give her a miscarriage. This whole saga ended after 7 months of marriage with her divorce in 1 February 1951 and she took no alimony as she wanted no prizes for failing. The 203 days marriage to Nicky, were probably the most problematic of all her marraiges.

It was during making the film 'Father's Little Dividend' she seemed to be enduring real heartache which she seemed to have endured during her entire life, she chained smoked, lost 20lbs of weight, had very high blood pressure, colitis and ulcers. For some weird reason she began eating baby food a the age of 19. This marked the beginning of a pattern her entire life her debilitating illnesses and always seemed somewhat linked to her troubled life. Elizabeth endured anaemia, meningitis, phlebitis, three caesarians. pneumonia, meningitis, a complete nervous breakdown, her tonsils removed, crushed spinal disc leading to three vertebra to be replaced and a tracheotomy, broken leg and a torn knee ligaments , all before she turned 30.

Michael Wilding was to be her next husband Elizabeth. They were married on 21st February 1952. Elizabeth met him in London whilst making 'Ivanhoe' who was twice her age and balding hair and Tweed suits. Giving her more of a fatherly figure all the attributes she sadly craved for herself, maturity security and a peaceful tranquil life. Somehow Elizabeth became the aggressor in this marriage and like her dad he loathed confrontation. Whilst Michael was happily doing his crossword puzzle she grabbed it ripped into shreds and chastised him for not making her the centre of her universe. He simply took but after five years of marriage they divorced on 31st January 1957 bearing him had two sons Michael Howard Wilding and Christopher Edward Wilding. She admitted her time with him must have lots of rough patches, but he clearly was a lovely person and she was just too immature to cope.

Elizabeth was given the role of Rebecca she became pregnant with her first child, and MGM insisted she push through forced her through in 1953 he Girl Who Had Everything (even adding two hours to her daily work schedule). Elizabeth announced she lamented that she needed the money, as she had just bought a new house with Michael Wilding and with their child on the way things money would be pretty tight.

It was Mike Todd, husband no three that she married on the 2nd February 1957, wow that was quick after that last divorce. It was to be their 3rd marriages for both of them. He seemed to tame her somewhat and gave her the love that she craved  and his plan was simple he would treat her as a child and that simply worked a she never had a childhood. Elizabeth was aged 24 and Mike was 47 at the time they were married. They had one child Elizabeth Frances born 11th October 1957 and she would be known as Liza. It was during Liza complicated birth that she now never going to fall pregnant again.

This marriage for Elizabeth was indeed a happy one, however he was know to be quite abusive, often smacking her face and giving her a shove or two, but then with remorse would lavish her with expensive presents. At last she had someone who truly loved her and for Elizabeth her first real love and managed her the way she needed. Mike Todd to Elizabeth was protective and very powerful and his masculinity  was totally irresistible to her.

Mike named a plane after her called the 'the Liz'. strangely enough she did not like to be called that at all. This was the plane that he died in on the 22nd March 1958. Mike took off that fateful time kissing Elizabeth continuously, saying  ‘I’m afraid something’s going to happen,’ he told her. ‘I’m too happy.’ How very, very sad.

As Elizabeth had recently given birth to Liza she was not feeling well so she didn't accompany him on that fateful flight.  As we would expect she was in total shock and was inconsolable when told and had to restrained from his coffin at his funeral. Eddie Fisher somehow got Elizabeth to his funeral and it was then that she relied on him so much that they eventually fell in love and then she 'steals him away from Debbie,  the Hollywood sweetheart. Elizabeth flung herself into the roll of 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' This movie gave her her second Academy Award. Elizabeth's roll was so much like herself with at tight slip she wore and her looking tempestuous and being the quite vulnerable woman  and  not being a doormat in relationship. She took on a real life roll as Jezebel. Now losing some ground as the grieving widow. This enormous scandal was seen in Hollywood, as she was now the notorious home wrecker. Hollywood even cancelled Eddies' TV series 

1957 Raintree County took several years to make as A near-fatal car accident during the film’s production – which occurred after leaving Taylor’s home in the Hollywood Hills – had left his formerly handsome face disfigured. The accident occurred not far from the Wilding home, not only did Elizabeth raced to be at Clift's side and prevented him from choking to death by removing two of his teeth which had unfortunately become lodged in his throat, she would nurse him back to health and provide as much nurturing as the tortured actor would allow.

In 1958 Elizabeth sort help deal with her feelings and grief with Eddie Fisher and this eventually broke his marriage to his dear wife Debbie Reynolds. This whole episode put Elizabeth to go from suddenly from the grieving widow to the 'husband stealer' they of course married and Elizabeth converted to Judaism on the 12th May 1959. Elizabeth was 27 and Eddie was about 31.  Elizabeth's part in the love triangle  would be forgiven after she nearly died from pneumonia in 1961.



This ill fated union lasted till 6th March 1964 and there were no children to this marriage. It was during making 'Cleopatra'   that she met Richard Burton and show how history repeating itself once again she broke up two marriage. We are told Debbie did finally forgave Elizabeth and remained friends after the betrayal dissipated. Elizabeth was the very first actress to be pain a million dollars for her role as Cleopatra.

Filming began in I believe in for 1963 Cleopatra,  and it was during her fist kissing scene that they fizzled together, the director called loud out sarcastically: ‘I’m sorry to interrupt you two... but it’s time for lunch. Elizabeth's now with her exotic beauty and it was now she hit the high point of her career. She was really born for this role of the amazing powerful and deeply desirable star Egyptian lady. 

 Elizabeth first marriage to Richard was actually turned out to be her longest marriage. This marriage to Richard Burton on the 15th March 1964 an divorced him 26th June 1964 and married him once again  for another short marriage from 10 October 1975 - 1 August 1976. They adopted one child. During this marriage they would drink to excess and have blazing rows. They would appear in many movies together.

 Who's' Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 1966, The VIP's , The Sandpipers 1965, The Taming of the Shrew 1967 ,  Doctor Faustus 1967 , The Comedians 1967, and Boom in 1968.

Where Eagles Dare. After the day’s filming, he had stayed up drinking vintage brandy with companions, including me, while Taylor had retired to bed. To complete the drama of her reappearance, Burton was being threatened with a handgun by a pushy expat American he’d just told to get lost. The gunman now looked on, as dumbfounded and dazzled as the rest of us. ‘Either you come up now,’ Taylor hissed at Burton, ‘or don’t bother to, ever again.’ Ah, get away,’ snarled Burton, reaching again  for his brandy. ‘Get away yourself,’ Elizabeth snarled and proceeded to clutch her leather coat tightly around her body and stomped off to their room alone and solitary figure. Next day it appear ever so sweet between them. Elizabeth's nick name for Richard was ‘Boofy’, his nick name for Elizabeth was ‘Ocean’, and between takes they canoodled like love struck adolescents. Elizabeth totally committed to her marriage learnt Welsh trying and she some how curbed her gross untidiness even learning to empty her ashtrays.

A friend of Elizabeth quoted a lovely memory about Elizabeth and Richard saying " Elisabeth's memories of their days together were tremendous comfort to her. Their bond of love was never broken, even by his death and nothing will keep them part.

 Elizabeth retired from acting and the marriage was certainly a miss match, one of many actually. Her marriage to John Warner was on 4 December 1976 till 7 November 1982. They had a life long friendship and he described her ' heart and soul were just as beautiful as her classic face and majestic eyes', so very true. John was a dull and seemingly a boring US Politian who sought to be elected as the Senate. Taylor threw herself into the role of Washington wife, even selling the diamond Richard Burton had given her to fund Warner’s election campaign. I wonder if she ever regretted doing this? 

 During he time with John Warner, she battled constantly with excess alcohol, over easting and pain medication.

It was after after this divorce that her friendship with Michael Jackson flourished. Some even thought they would marry. I cannot see that but I am no expert.

During the 1980s Elizabeth was in and out of California's Betty Ford Clinic to overcame her alcohol and a dependence on painkillers but she triumphed and emerged as a champion in the cause of AIDS victims after the death of her long time friend Rock Hudson who died on 2nd October 1985.

Larry Fortensky was to be Elizabeth's last effort with as a married lady. This was on 6th October 1991 and they divorced on 31st October 1996 .No one was to ever, under any circumstances, put through telephone calls from her former husband Larry Fortensky. She had lost interest in forming romantic attachments after the disappointment of her failed, final marriage to the construction worker Larry Fortensky.  Larry was a construction worker and they met whilst doing rehab. Larry was 21 years younger than Elizabeth. Elizabeth romanced Larry for three years and married Larry at Michael's Neverland Ranch and it was kind Michael who paid for this. Elizabeth repaid his kindness and generously bought Michael an elephant a called Gyspy.

Elizabeth although she married 8 times, it was wasn't in her makeup just to simply go bed with them she wanted to make it legal.

In 1997 Elizabeth's health once again gave her huge blow with a brain tumors. Now her lovely black hair was shaved and grey short cropped hair was part of appearance.

Elizabeth held duel citizenship  from UK and the USA] She reportedly sought, in 1965, to renounce her United States citizenship, to wit: "Though never accepted by the State Department, Liz renounced in 1965. Elizabeth seemed to want to hide much of her European income from U.S. taxes. Elizabeth was attempting  to have solely a British citizen. Some reports at the say that the officials denied her request when she failed to complete the renunciation oath, refusing to say that she renounced 'all allegiance to the United States of America.' " 

Elizabeth became in 1971 a grandmother at the age of 39. Leaving behind after she died 4 children, 10 grandchildren and 4 great grand children. Her 4 children were present when she died in Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in LA.

She once described herself as a 'living example of what people can go through and survive'.

All the rooms had to be scented with white gardenias — her favourite flowers.

In 2000, she was thrilled to become Dame Elizabeth Taylor in recognition of her services to film.

And she was never, ever, ever to be referred to as Liz. She was Dame Elizabeth to everyone, even her nearest, dearest and closest companions. But then, right to the end, the Dame was gutsy, spoiled, foul-mouthed and toweringly sentimental. 

Her last great hurrah was a lavish party at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Las Vegas, given four years ago on her 75th birthday. She turned up swathed in a white mink and wearing a four-inch icicle drop diamond collar with matching drop earrings — every inch the goddess.

Her last major foreign trip was to London last April to honour Richard Burton — a bust of him was being donated to the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. She burst into tears at the gala dinner when she saw the representation of his face — dabbing at her face with a handkerchief while Prince Charles stood beside her. Richard was certainly the love of her life after Mike Todd died and she is believed to have kept her last letter from him 3 days before his death on 2nd August 1984 and she kept it along side her bed and it was believed to have been with her in her coffin at her wishes. It was said that she burst into tears upon receiving it after his memorial. Richard wrote her many love letters around 40, even when they were not together some are published 'Furious Love Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and the Marriage of the Century' and they contained repeated declarations of his undying love for her.

For the last decade and a half of her life, the great screen legend lived in reclusive, eccentric splendor. Family and friends were increasingly kept at bay as she relied on doctors, psychics and a coterie of homosexual ‘walkers’ to keep her company.

At the centre of the kingdom was a small good-natured white Maltese dog named Daisy, who slept on a silk cushion next to her mistress and whose needs were paramount. Referring to the dog, Taylor once said: ‘Sometimes I think there is a person in there,’ and she wasn’t altogether joking. She loved Daisy and would talk to her for hours.

She had both hips replaced and beat skin cancer, a brain tumor, diabetes, seizures and a stroke. She endured an estimated 70 illnesses and had 100 operations, 20 of them quite major operations. Whilst it was said , nothing can crush her spirit, but her body seemed to always let her down, with many of the illness could be largely related to trauma that she was experiencing in her life at that time. 

Most of adolescent and a adulthood  were lived in front of the public and we all saw her fall in and out of love and marriages and her may illness  and saw with astonishment that her many tribulations, she just kept getting back and moving forward. Her many loves and life was like a long drawn Hollywood movie script, mirroring screen and life in one event.

Her closest companions tended to be handsome and openly homosexual — like personal assistant Tim Mendelson, manager Jason Winters and hairdresser Jose Eber.

Chris Dodd said "She was truly an American icon "Her talent endured the test of time and transcended generations of movie goers.

Asked in 199 'What would you like to see on your gravestone she said "Here lies Elizabeth She hated to be called Liz. but she lived"


It was said by many in the movie industry  'She would be late for her own funeral' and she was 15 minutes late.

Elizabeth smoked till her 50's and reportedly gave them up, however it gave her Congestive Hear failure which will eventually kill her.

Elizabeth's love and passion for fine jeweler is well documented.  Her favourite occupation was to get out her fabulous collection of glittering jewels. Acquiring  33.19-carat (6.64 g) Krupp Diamond, the 50-carat (10 g) La Peregrina Pearl, that Richard gave as a Valentine's Day present in 1969.  Elizabeth would tell Daisy her beloved dog the romantic story behind the origin of each piece.





Elizabeth launched  three very successful and wonderful earnings from her own perfumes "Passion", "White Diamonds", and "Black Pearls".

At the time of her death she was survived by her four children, ten grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. It was said by Michael her son, 57. 'My mother was an extraordinary woman who lived life to the fullest, with great passion, humour and love, and 'We know, quite simply, the world is a better place for Mum having lived in it.' And lived she did, feeling peace at the end. Yes now the shining alluring diamond know as Elizabeth Taylor, with such wonderful acting ability is now finally resting without pain and hopefully the peace she endeavored all her life to receive. Elizabeth will be catching up with James Dean, Paul Newman, Cliff Montgomery,  Mike Todd, Michael Wilding, Rock Hudson, Roddy McDowall and sharing a few drinks and laughs about lost times and great memories. Her blemished and sometime battered  career with her weight gains, drinking etc, she managed to outlive and indeed well and truly outshone some of the her best peers . A long life, that was torn by her conflicting, somewhat painful to endue and fragile emotional state, but peaceful towards the end. We could never say she did not make her life not count. Yes men adored Elizabeth and seemed to love her also.

She was a shrewd, intelligent and intuitive and above all she LIVED her life sure some regrets, as we all do.

Debbie Reynolds revealed two weeks before Elizabeth died, they spoke Saying "Getting old is really s******" ' Elizabeth said "It certainly is. It really is Debbie. This is really tough"

The New York Times tribute to Hollywood's last movie goddess,  had to admit that Elizabeth had actually outlived the obituary writer by six years. How strange.

It they ever make amovie about her life they wer definielty not ever going to do whilst she wa alive.

Elizabeth's Awards

Best Actress Win for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf --- 1967
Best Actress Win for Butterfield 8 --- 1961
Best Actress Nomination for Suddenly Last Summer --- 1960
Best Actress Nomination for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof --- 1959
Best Actress Nomination for Raintree County --- 1958


Elizabeth’s’ well documented marriages appear below

1. Conrad Hilton Jr. (6 May 1950 - 1 February 1951) (divorced)

2. Michael Wilding (21 February 1952 - 30 January 1957) (divorced) 2 children .

3. Michael Todd (2 February 1957 - 22 March 1958) (his death) 1 child

4. Eddie Fisher (12 May 1959 - 6 March 1964) (divorced)

5. Richard Burton (15 March 1964 - 26 June 1974) (divorced) 1 adopted child

6. Richard Burton (10 October 1975 - 1 August 1976) (remarried) (divorced)

7. John Warner (4 December 1976 - 7 November 1982) (divorced)

8. Larry Fortensky (6 October 1991 - 31 October 1996) (divorced)


Elizabeth Taylor’s Movies /TV etc


1942 - There's One Born Every Minute: Gloria Twine

1943 - Lassie Come Home: Priscilla

1943 - Jane Eyre: Helen Burns (uncredited)

1944 - The White Cliffs of Dover: Betsy Kenney at Age 10 (uncredited)

1944 - National Velvet: Velvet Brown

1946 - Courage of Lassie: Kathie Eleanor Merrick

1947 - Life with Father: Mary Skinner

1947 - Cynthia: Cynthia Bishop

1948 - A Date with Judy: Carol Pringle

1948 - Julia Misbehaves: Susan Packett

1949 - Little Women:  Amy

1949 - Conspirator:  Melinda Greyton

1950 - The Big Hangover: Mary Belney

1950 - Father of the Bride:  Katherine 'Kay' Banks

1951 - Father's Little Dividend:  Kay Dunstan

1951 - A Place in the Sun:  Angela Vickers

1951 - Quo Vadis:  Christian Prisoner in Arena (uncredited)

1952 - Love Is Better Than Ever:  Anastacia (Stacie) Macaboy

1952 - Ivanhoe:  Rebecca

1953 - The Girl Who Had Everything: Jean Latimer

1954 – Rhapsody: Louise Durant

1954 - Elephant Walk:  Ruth Wiley

1954 - Beau Brummell:  Lady Patricia

1954 - The Last Time I Saw Paris:  Helen Ellswirth

1956 - Giant:  Leslie Benedict

1957 - Raintree County: Susanna Drake

1958 - Cat on a Hot Tin Roof:  Maggie Pollitt (Originally Grace Kelly was marked to play this role but the Broadway show had not completed in time and when it was finished Grace Kelly had got married and was no longer playing rolls in movies.

1959 - Suddenly, Last Summer: Catherine Holly

1960 - Scent of Mystery: l Sally Kennedy (uncredited)

1960 - Butterfield 8: Gloria Wandrous

1963 - Cleopatra:  Cleopatra

1963 - The V.I.P’S:  Frances Andros

1965 - The Sandpiper: Laura Reynolds

1966 - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Martha

1967 - The Taming of the Shrew:  Katharina

1967 - Doctor Faustus:  Helen of Troy

1967 - Reflections in a Golden Eye:  Leonora Penderton

1967 - The Comedians:  Martha Pineda

1968 - Boom Flora 'Sissy' Goforth

1968 - Secret Ceremony: Leonora

1969 - Anne of the Thousand Days: Courtesan (uncredited)

1970 - The Only Game in Town: Fran Walker

1972 - Zee and Co:  Zee Blakeley

1972 - Under Milk Wood:  Rosie Probert

1972 - Hammersmith Is Out Jimmie:  Jean Jackson

1973 -Divorce His - Divorce Hers (TV movie):  Jane Reynolds

1973 -Night Watch: Ellen Wheeler

1973 - Ash Wednesday: Barbara Sawyer

1974 - Identikit: Lise

1976 - The Blue Bird Queen of Light/Mother/Witch/Maternal Love

1976 - Victory at Entebbe (TV movie): Edra Vilnofsky

1977 - A Little Night Music:  Desiree Armfeldt

1978 - Return Engagement: Dr. Emily Loomis

1978 - Hallmark Hall of Fame (TV series): Dr. Emily Loomis

1979 - Winter Kills: Lola Comante (uncredited)

1980 - The Mirror Crack'd:  Marina Rudd

1981 - General Hospital (TV series): Helena Cassadine

– Episode dated 19 November 1981 (1981) … Helena Cassadine

– Episode dated 17 November 1981 (1981) … Helena Cassadine

– Episode dated 16 November 1981 (1981) … Helena Cassadine

See all 6 episodes

1983 - Between Friends (TV movie): Deborah Shapiro

1983 -Boardmember at the Chateau / Maid at the Goal Post Restaurant

1984 - All My Children (TV series)

1984 - Hotel (TV series) Katherine Cole & – Intimate Strangers (1984) : Katherine Cole

1985 - Malice in Wonderland (TV movie): Louella Parsons

1985 - North and South (TV mini-series): Madam Conti all 6 parts

1986 - There Must Be a Pony (TV movie): Marguerite Sydney

1987 - Poker Alice (TV movie): Alice Moffit

1988 - Il giovane Toscanini: Nadina Bulichoff

1989 - Sweet Bird of Youth (TV movie): Alexandra Del Lago

1992 - A Formula for Hate :… Mrs. Andrews (voice)

1992 - Captain Planet and the Planeteers (TV series): Mrs. Andrews 

1992 - Lisa’s First Word: Maggie Simpson (voice)

            Lisa's First Word (1992):  Maggie Simpson (voice)

1994 - The Flintstones:  Pearl Slaghoople

2001 - These Old Broads (TV movie): Beryl Mason

2001 - God, the Devil and Bob (TV series) - Sarah – God's Girlfriend … Sarah (voice)

Elizabeth was nominated for 5 Academy Awards

I have zipped some photographs of Elizabeth and they will be on the next page. Also some of her famous one liners and quotes will appear on page 2.