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Comfort Inn Hotels
Comfort Inn Hotels


I, nature, give to you, to be yours for ever and ever, the right to the free enjoyment of this world.

I give to you the years that are before you, and the world that is about you.

I give to you, the sun by day and the Moon and Stars by night, with the power to wake as the Earth rolls into light of the light of the Sun, and the power to sleep when the night comes.

I give to you the beauty of the Earth in the golden hour of dawn, with the vision of the Sun as it climbs above the hills, with the glow of fire across the meadow and the sparkle of the river that runs past. The sight of the new stirring of the life of the world, the sound of all moving things that praise their Maker, the feeling that uplifts the heart as the light breaks on another day, are yours.

I give you the eager hope of spring, with right to see the slow disrobing of the winter earth and the glow unveiling of her secret treasury.
I give you the untold glory of a summer's day, with the love of God in every lane and the firer of the Sun in every rose.
I give to you the eternal promise of autumn, with the faith of all growing things in the life that will grow again.
 I give to you the peace of the Earth on a winter's day with the robe of stainless white not made with hands.
 I give to you the full glory of the changing year and the perfect trust in the ways of God that have never failed upon the Earth.
I give to you the quite of the hilltop, the vision of the smiling world that opens out below, the green fields that stretch far away until they touch the sky. I give to you the path that brings you to the valley, with the trees that rise like silent sentinels to guard the peace of the woodland walks where you may be alone.
I give to you the thrill of heights where a man can think no mean thing, and the calm of hidden places where little children seek and find the key of the Kingdom of Heaven.
The leaping joy of spring, the glittering dance of summer, the rustling of the leaves in autumn, the stillness and the strengthening of winter, I give to you.
I give to you the careless wonder of the day and night, and the seasons as they pass.
I give to you the song that has been in the world since the the birds began to sing, the joyous hymn of the lark and the plaintive music of the  nightingale; the beauty that has been on the Earth since flower began to peep; the silver lamps that have hung in the sky since the stars began to shine.
I give to you understanding of the voices of dumb things___ the neigh of the horse that a rider loves, the bark of the dog that has been man's best friend thorough out the years and the purring of the cat on the the hearth. I give to you the music of the day to stir you soul, and the stillness of the  night in which you hear, if you listen, the voice of God.
I give to you the gentle breeze that kissed the face of a child, and the wind that crosses the ship at sea: I give to you tenderness and strength. I give to you the charity that comforts the sufferer and the pity that softens the life of the poor.
 I give to you the wisdom of health and the power to build up in your body a holy temple for your soul. I give to you the power to think and to know and understand, and the power to love books and all beautiful things.
I give to you the power to win the love of little children and the power to hold your head high among men.
I give to you the waters of the Earth, with the right to listen to the whisper of the stream as it rises in the hills, to the chatter of the river as it gathers and widens, and to the shout of the cataract as it splashes through the rocks.
I give you the beauty of the moving sea when it kisses the Sun, and the vision of the liquid peaks that rise and fall. I give you the slowly creeping waves that have never been still since the seas were made, and rocks they have ground into golden sands.
I give to you the oceans in calm and storm, with the waters that dance in the air, the shower and the winds, the snow that clothes the world anew in the  night, the rain that  taps on the window, and the rainbow that springs out of the sun.
I give to you free for ever, with the right to take whom you will, the full enjoyment of the Natural Gallery of everlasting pictures and the right to see the unveiling of all sunsets, the covering of the heath with red and gold, the floating past of the clouds that ride the mountain peaks across the sky.
 I give to you access to all the bushes laden with berries, to the daffodils and the violets beds, to the pace where ferns and mosses hide, and to the tulips when they hang their heads at night.
I give to you power to remember and the power to forget, and I give you the strength to forgive.
I give you love of quite places where the burden of pretty things will fade away.
I give to you right to wander by the brook that babbles o'er the pebbles, to rise early in the morning and see the dew on every buttercup, to lose yourself, among the heather and in the field of the cloth of gold.
I give you the Past, with its heritage of good and ill. I give you the Present , with opportunity that knows no bound.
I give you the Future, with the years that never end and knows no sorrow.
I give to you the long, long thoughts of youth and the memories of the years; the hope of the dawning of life, the dream of the days to be and looking back. I give to you the yearning and the craving that makes life sweet. I give to you the time of waiting and the time of fulfilment. I give to you the spirit of good fortune does not ma nor ill fortune break.
I give to you the calm that looks out upon the world and will not discomforted. I give to you the heart that  does not quail; the courage that does not flinch; the faith that will not fail in the Valley of the Shadow.
 I give to you the power to believe in the everlasting spirit of the world.
I give to you the love of true things, the love of pure things, and the companionship of sweet liberty.
I give you the scorn of all ignoble things, the hate of all things evil, and the strength to march breast-forward against them until they are destroyed.
I give to you the promise that shall be destroyed, that the face of the Earth shall be  fair, that the mind of a man shall be free, that all that come from God shall return to him, that little children yet shall see the Dawn that no man knows.

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