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Belinda Jane (Belle) Emmett was born on  12th April 1974 (same date and age as my Louise Jo-Anne Rogers) and passed on  11th November (Remembrance Day- Armistice Day)  2006 at 32 years of age age. She was born in Umina on the Central Coast in NSW Australia. In her teens was go her first big break at Coast Rock FM, her local radio station.

She appeared in Hey Day in 1987 and Home & Away in 1988 and it was during her time with that show that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went with chemotherapy and seemed to be in remission. She then went to All Saints  in 1998 and sadly again secondary bone cancer appeared. Her next bout with this insidious disease was when she was filming The Nugget and was told she would not be able to overcome this last set back.
She married Rove M M Manus at Randwick's' Mary Immaculate Church.

She sad in the early hours of 11th November with her friends, family and her beloved Rove at her side. She fought so very hard to overcome it and she was so brave and  always thinking of others. Her message was early detection, don't let lumps go without going to  seek medical attention. Sadly she did not do this, thinking that she was too young (23). Let this be a sound message for us all. Men & women.

We will never forget you Belle. Resting now.

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