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Bali Bombings Memorial

Photo taken whilst visiting in Bali 2015


Thumbnail Map of Bali 

Map Of Australia in Relation to Bali

I have made this page in memory of all the Australians who have died & who have been injured from a bombing in the Sari Club Bali on Saturday 12th October 2002 & October 2nd 2005  in Bali

I went to Bali with my husband in November 1994 ago and have fond memories. I cannot believe this has happened. Many other countries have had people who have died also and my heartfelt prayers to all who have lost family members.

Sadly most of the world has no idea where Bali is. Many of the British did not know Bali was part of Indonesia. However their Government did warn them on the Foreign Affairs website not to travel to Indonesia. The Australian Government  did not.

We are told that per capita the Australians have lost more than September 11 as our country's population is so much smaller.

Whilst there we visited the Sari Club. Even then it was frequented by all tourist. Being so close to our shore many Australian's found this place to go to time & time again. Maybe this may now change.

We had 89 confirmed as deceased. 2002 List HERE

I do not know of anyone who is amongst the victims, however as a mum and proud Australian I am deeply hurt & shocked that so many have died and injured.

Many sporting clubs chose this destination to have holiday at the end of season. Surfers loved the magic surfing conditions.

Families felt safe taking their young ones. Somehow this place will never be the same.

October 2nd 2005 at 7pm two more bombs exploded in Bali. 64 people were wounded, 20 were Australians. 2005 List HERE

One picture here from our trip in 1994.