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Tuesday, May 26, 2020 11:15:35 AM

   Andrew's Plaque at Woronora, Sydney.

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Born 16th November 1981
 Died 12th July 1982


Grief Poems Mine


This picture was the Guardian Angel given to me at Andrew's Baptism in 1982, from my mother-in-law. Andrew was  8 months when he was Baptised. He died two weeks after and I was haunted by the picture. The same colour ribbon adorned him in his tiny coffin, just like in the one here. I just never knew that on his Special day of his Baptism that I would be looking at his coffin two weeks later. Way to much to absorb.

 Andrew's death brought me to the Catholic faith. I became a Catholic in 1984 and I truly believe he was catalyst in me finding faith.  I did not see the bigger picture that God had for me. 

On his final weekend with us he tore up my New Idea magazine with Princess Diana and baby Prince William, I still have that torn up memory. For many years each time I saw Princess Diana and Prince William I was so very sad. There he was with his mum and I was able to hold my baby any more. I could not buy magazines with their photographs.

Mum sold her house after he died as we had been there on the Saturday one day before he died. The sound of him gurgling seemed to be around after he died and mum could not face it. So she moved.

This picture of him in his high chair was taken two days before died. He is looking towards the ceiling. I have no idea why. Maybe he just knew he was heaven bound. He loved eating and he pounded the top of his high chair as the microwave heated his dinner.


The day before he died I was shopping with my Mum and I bought a very sweet rose bush for the garden in the glorious shade of mauve. I ended up getting it in the ground finally around a week after he died. We planted it in the garden outside his bedroom. When we went up to say our last goodbyes to him at the funeral home his coffin was decorated in the colour once more. I guess they did watch over him the night he went to heaven and I hope they are still with him. We sure have asked him to watch over his brothers and sisters that came after him on many occasions. He would have turned 25 years old this year. He has been dead 24 years. My how time has gone so quickly. Had you told me then I will have survive his death, I just thought how can I live without him and I would never have last. I used to count the days without him. I pray to God that I am worthy to see him in heaven and recognise him.

The night he died I was accidentally awoken just after I had gone to sleep. It was around 10pm and I sat up startled and very frightened, like someone had hurt me. I felt anguished and wanted to cry. My heart was pounding, my pulse racing. I wanted to get up and check Andrew, but as he had never ever slept through the night, I knew it would be silly to go and check him. Why wake up a sleeping baby?
I did not go into his room then and I was told by the Coroner that his time of death was around 10pm on that fateful night. He was found around 7 am the next morning by his then 8 year old sister Louise, he had been dead for 10 hours. Such a terrible sight for her to cope with. The Police questioned her, making her feel like she had done something t the ambulance took him away a black plastic bag. He no longer was mine but now his death was being investigated and belong to the government.
He had never slept through the night and I silly enough thought this must have been the first as I normally got up to him several times every night. At 8 months I thought it was about time that he slept through the night. I was told that had I woken him that night to check on him, like I felt compelled to, he would most probably died on another night. But I still regret not going in.